Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kids School Lunchbox Ideas

Thanks to….none other than Pinterest…I have the best ideas for packing the kids lunches this year.  I’ll admit the kids last year fell into pb&j or ham/cheese daily.  I was sending Kelsie with Poptarts on some days instead of a sandwich.  The ladies that work in the lunch room were thinking that we weren’t feeding Kelsie healthy enough.  Although that was nice of them to be concerned…it’s just that she’s pretty picky and why put food in her lunch box that she wasn’t going to eat anyways?  That would have been a waste!  Plus I’d rather her eat chips and a Poptart for lunch than go hungry. 
About a week or so ago before school was to start I decided to use Pinterest as my search engine and look for lunch box ideas.  I found this one Flicker site that I fell in love with.  This lady took a picture of her sons lunch everyday for almost two years.  Lotta work for her but awesome ideas for me and you!  Here is the link to her pictures to check them out. 
Yesterday we started school and I didn’t take any pics of the girls lunches but I can tell you what I sent. 
First off we got these Ziploc containers that have 3 sections for the girls…one for each lunch box.  They are a life saver.  Seriously!  You can do so much with them.
So Monday for lunch I sent Kelsie with:
  • grapes
  • Ritz Cracker Chips {Garden Vegetable}
  • Creamy Swiss Laughing Cow Cheese to use as her dip
  • A slice of ham cut into strips and rolled individually
  • Pepperoni’s
  • birthday cupcake
  • Mango Pineapple Orange Juice
Kayla had:
  • plum
  • cupcake
  • ham and cheese tortilla roll up
  • Creamy Swiss Laughing Cow Cheese to use as dip
  • Ritz Cracker Chips {Garden Vegetable}
  • Sweet Tea
I used those containers and for the individual things for Kelsies and Kaylas {except for her roll ups} I used cupcake liners.  Like the lady did on that link.  It made the containers capable of holding more than one item per section.  The cupcakes I froze the night before without the wrappers in zip top baggies.  I gave them spoons and told them to eat them straight from the bag.  This worked!  They thawed out by lunch and by freezing them this kept them from being so messy with the frosting.
Today Kelsie didn’t use those containers.  I had also bought the girls the individual sandwich containers and it worked today for what I sent with Kayla.
Kelsie took:
  • tuna patty left over from the other night cut into bite size pieces
  • Handi Snack with the cheese and crackers
  • Diced peaches from a peach fruit cup {without the liquid}
  • white chocolate dipped pretzel
  • chex mix
  • pumpkin muffin
  • Mango Pineapple Orange Juice
Kayla took:
  • 2 tuna patties wrapped in foil
  • a small container of broccoli/carrot rice {the container looks like these.  the size is spot on!}
  • Peach fruit cup
  • Sweet Tea
Inside her sandwich container she had:
  • dipped white chocolate pretzel rod broken in half to fit
  • smores granola bar
  • chex mix
  • half slice pumpkin bread
They both said they are loving this new lunch thing.  Tomorrow I’m sending them with leftover Pizza Pasta Bake {we’re having that tonight} in their hot meal containers.  I’ll also send them both with a pudding cup.  And I’ll send Kayla with a Handi Snacks cheese and crackers.  I’ll send Kelsie with some Goldfish crackers.  Kelsie didn’t like the Handi Snacks.  That doesn’t surprise me because she doesn’t like cheese.
Anyways.  I hope y’all find some great lunch ideas from this lady’s Flicker site.  Or maybe your already making their lunches like this! :-)  What kind of things do you pack in your kids lunch boxes??


Lori said...

I will totally need this in a few years :)

A-K said...

could you please pack my lunch? that sounds delicious!!!!!!!!

Kelli said...

You pack great lunches. I thought about getting those kind of containers for Jamison. She packs and buys but when she packs I'd like to use something I can reuse instead of baggies.

Miller Racing Family said...

What great ideas. I love how you keep switching it up. I will have to check out the site, is it under your pinterest account?