Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Kids Guide to being a Winner Book Review

Kayla loves to review books and A Kids Guide to Being a Winner by C.D. Shelton was a quick read for her.  She really enjoyed it.
Here’s what she said….
“This book is great for kids just like me.  It gives you helpful tips and pointers to guide you through life.  I’ve learned a lot from this book.  Like how to be a winner, to be respectful and much more. 
I think kids should really read this book because it gives great advice on life.  Kids don’t like to listen to their parents but it’s different when they read it.  They most likely will read and do what the book says.”
I actually had the chance to read this over and I really enjoyed it.  It’s a great read for kids.  And I am going to agree with Kayla to a point; it really does back what parents tell their kids.  I’m sure that a lot of kids would rather read it in a book than hear their parents tell them something.
**this book was sent for review purposes only.  no compensation was received.  opinions are 100% honest.**

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