Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Special Treatment for Panama City Beach Locals

If you live in the Panama City vicinity and your on Facebook or Twitter you probably follow Panama City Beach on one of these social networks.  After all you want to know what events are going on that you may be interested in attending. 
The most recent one is all the rage as it brings some really popular and really talented individuals to our area.  The event, Pirates of the High Seas Fest is going to be a huge hit and it’s going to bring in a lot of revenue to our area.  There is going to be tons to do, from fireworks to concerts.  One concert of which both of my girls are going crazy about wanting to attend, Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly on Nickelodeon.  As soon as we heard about this concert weeks ago, I promised the girls that we would go.  That was before we found out one huge stipulation.
“Tickets are currently ONLY available though lodging packages. Please visit Real.Fun.Fall for participating accommodations. Ticket sales to the general public will go on sale 15 days prior to the concert through Ticketmaster, ticket sales subject to availability. Ticket prices are included in lodging rates, for further information on tickets, contact the individual lodging participants.”
This is unfair!!  Tickets are available to those that book lodging.  Excuse me, but what about those that live here?  We want to attend the concert too!!  Oh, we can?  Tickets are going to go on sale to the general public?  Well that’s great.  IF there are any left!  Because ticket sales through Ticketmaster will only be “subject to availability”!  So what happens if all the tickets are gone because of lodging?  LOCALS WON’T BE ABLE TO BUY TICKETS! 
Why Panama City Beach must you punish those of us that live here?  We spend money just like those that visit!  We are the ones that have to pay high gas prices year round because we live here!  We are the ones that put up with the bumper to bumper traffic during Spring Break and Summer.  We are the ones that pay property taxes.  When visiting local attractions we pay the same high price that the vacationers do, because the only “break” we get is if we choose to buy a season pass or we get lucky and run across a coupon! 
Thank you Panama City Beach for once again making locals pay unfairly!

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