Friday, June 3, 2011

Kayla’s Birthday Recap

Kayla told me she had the best birthday ever because it was spent with her family.  :) 

She read her cards from Zack and I and then Kelsie.  She opened her small gifts which consisted of her favorite candy bars, new hair accessories and a coffee mug.  She tried her very first cup of regular coffee…and didn’t like it!  That’s ok because we bought some Almond Joy creamer for her to have today and she loved it.  It’s fabulous, if you haven’t already tried it.  Her new bedding came and we’re going to pick out her paint tonight. 

This is her new bedding….


The colors are pretty spot on except for the blue stripe.  You’ll have to stay tuned to what color her walls end up being.

We played in the pool….

june 2011 010

june 2011 011

We went to Outback, although she had originally chosen Olive Garden.  She changed her mind because she said she wanted a bloomin onion.  This was a picture of the girls before we left.

june 2011 033

In all it was a great day.  We are still eating on her fabulous cake that Kelsie and I made.  It’s so rich but oh so good!  It’s triple chocolate with milk chocolate frosting and chopped up Reese Cups on the top and sides.  {totally sinful!}

june 2011 006

Here’s to a great weekend!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday! I love the bedding...can't wait to see what color you paint:)

Joy Lynn said...

It is hard to believe how old she is! They grow up so fast these days =( She is a beautiful young woman =) Sounds like she had a wonderful birthday and I love her bedding set! I would love something like that in my room but Sean would protest LOL

The Starr Family said...

So much fun! And oh does that bedding set scream... I'm growing up! Wow!

I've missed visiting your blog.... my laptop has been DOWN and its driving me bonkers!