Friday, June 3, 2011

Giving Peace of Mind with D-Link Cameras

I didn’t get this posted before Mother’s Day, which is what I was really aiming for.  We have all had a stomach bug off and on and the blog was pushed to the back burner.  However, a D-Link Camera isn’t just a Mother’s Day gift but a gift for anytime.  And it’s not just perfect for mothers but any parent in general.

imageWe love our D-Link Camera for several different reasons.  One main reason is because family members aren’t the ones babysitting our girls when we go out anymore, we want to be able to keep an eye on them without being there.  D-Link allows this to happen.  Another reason I like it is our girls nit pick at one another sometimes when they are playing and blame each other for things that happen to the other.  {crying because somebody hit them with a toy etc} Anyways, I can always check the link when I hear them to see what’s really happening.  I haven’t learned all the ins and outs as of yet because we haven’t had our D-Link Camera that long.  But I can say that I’m not sure I’d like to live without it now. 

If you have a D-Link Camera you can easily monitor from any computer, laptop, Droid phone, tablet {Ipad}, or Iphone with WiFi.

So you can check in with what’s going on from virtually anywhere. Also a great feature that I love is it has night vision capabilities. So just because there is no light doesn’t mean you can see what’s going on.  This to me is a great bonus!

The D-Link Camera isn’t just for checking on your kids.  Set it up facing the outside of your house through a window, etc and keep an eye on things at home.

We love this feature because Kayla’s bike was stolen from our gazebo in the back yard over Christmas while we were out of town.  If we had had this camera then we could have most likely seen who it was and maybe even had the chance of getting her bike returned.

So as you can see the D-Link Camera is useful in all sorts of situations at home.  Perfect for parents but also perfect for just about anybody!

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