Saturday, June 25, 2011

If Your Child is Missing…Help Find Him or Her Quicker using

One of my nightmares and worst fears is one of my girls to go missing.  Whether it’s Kayla missing from the bus stop or Kelsie getting away from me in the mall, the fear is there. 
If there is anything that I can do to help find my missing child quicker, I am all about doing it.  Statistically speaking a child goes missing every 40 seconds.  That’s scary!  In this time of worry, parents panic and can and do sometimes forget important information that the law enforcement needs in order to submit a proper Amber Alert and start the search for the missing child.
I was recently told about a site called and I wanted to tell y’all  about it. is a site where you create an account {it’s free!} and set up profiles for each of your children.  You add important information about your children from height, weight to hair and eye color as well as pictures and or videos.  When your child goes missing, you log on and include what your child was wearing and where he or she was last seen, etc.  Then will submit this information to hundreds of thousands of people via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also print out a package to take to your local law enforcement that includes all the information that they will need to know before they submit an Amber Alert.  So before they get started on their work, you have already alerted thousands! 
This is really ingenious if you ask me.  With everybody these days on Facebook and Twitter, it would just be pointless not to sign up for this.  After all it’s free AND this could one day be the way that you find your missing child, if God forbid he or she ever goes missing.
Follow Securachild on Facebook here and Twitter here.  Help find a missing child and spread the word today!  Who knows you may need them to help you one day!
**this was in no way a review and I was not compensated.  this was just important information that I felt like everybody needed to know about.”

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