Sunday, April 3, 2011

Allergic to it All Pretty Much Sums it Up!

I have had allergies for as long as I can remember.  I used to take two Benadryl every morning for years.  I didn’t fully get off Benadryl until we moved to Florida 13 years ago. I grew up in my great grandmothers house that my mother inherited.  We had a basement where I am sure most all of my allergies actually came from.  It was damp and dark which was a breeding ground for mold. Other than taking medicine I was unaware of anything that my mother could have actually done to help me.  However, since Kelsie has allergies I have learned there is a lot that you can actually do to help with allergies.

One thing that we did was replace most of all the carpet in our house with wood flooring.  This has made a major difference in our breathing.  Another thing is I make sure to watch the pollen count every morning on the news.  This is a huge help when the weather is nice enough outside to open the windows.  On high pollen count days, our windows stay closed.  I don’t want any of that in the house!

I dust once and sometimes twice a week {I wear a mask} using Febreeze dusting spray.  It says that it takes care of 99.9% of allergens.  I run the Swiffer Vac on the flooring all the time to keep any dust from building up.  Plus Kelsie thinks this is a toy so she’ll run around with it too.  Ha! 

I am allergic to mold so to keep from having any in our home we always make sure to use the vents in the bathrooms when people are showering or taking a bath.  You wouldn’t believe the mold that likes to grow down here with all this humidity.  It’s as if things never fully dry out. 

Another thing that helps out majorly is our air filter in our air unit is one for people with allergies.  It also keeps the allergens out of the air.  You can get one from brands such as Filtrete. With everything that I do inside it really helps not only myself but Kelsie as well.  I don’t rely on allergy medicines accept a couple of times a year and it’s simply because of the pollen or rotting leaves in the fall.  Kelsie is fine inside too, it’s the outdoors that cause major problems for her as well.

You can read more tips on having a healthy home at Filtrete Clear Advantages.

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