Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Already??

Where is the time of these passing days going?  I mean seriously.  If you blink too fast the week is gone.  I can’t believe that in 5 short days it’s Valentine’s Day!  I have still got to get Zack a card.  We shopped for the kids stuff last week and got the girls their candy, cards and Kayla a new book.  We have got to figure out something for Kelsie in the same price range.  We were going to get the new Tinkerbell movie, but I’m not sure that it came out this week.  So I guess we’ll pick up another movie instead.  We’ll see.

Saturday, Zack’s grandmother is coming over to watch the girls while we go out to eat.  We are going to Pana Roma, which is a little Italian place in town.  It’s so yummy and we don’t go nearly as much as I’d like too.  We’re going to bring back a pizza for Grandma P and the girls to eat.  We decided to celebrate our V-day then since it’s on a Monday {school/work night} and impossible to go out to eat then.

I am starting a new adventure and I can’t wait to get it going.  Saturday’s dinner is playing a very important role with what I’m going to be doing.  It’s something that I have thought about for a while and after talking to Zack about it, he is behind me 100% and thinks that this is a great idea. 

I am so ready to see the scale move more than what it has.  Have I mentioned how impatient I am??  I know that almost 8 pounds is a big deal for 5 weeks, but geez!!  Reminder to self – Losing it slowly means it’s easier to keep it off!!

I can’t believe we are just 35 days from our vacation to Disney World!  I am so excited!  We still have got to get Kelsie a new pair of tennis shoes for the trip.  And I REALLY hope that the weather will be average while we are there.  {upper 70’s}  I am sick of this cold weather!!  I come home everyday from work, eat lunch and bundle up in my fleece blanket, turn the space heater on and put the heating pad on my legs.  It’s just brutally cold for here.

I have found so many more blogs that I am loving.  I have found several that are recipe blogs and some that are just family blogs.  I found one last night that the family lives in Ga and they had pictures of snow and I was heart broken.  I looked at Zack with a puppy dog face and said “I want to move so bad”.  He said he knew that and that if he could find a job we would sale our house and go.  He said he knew we wouldn’t get what we wanted out of our house because of the economy but that we would just take whatever.  However, we aren’t moving yet.  We still have a few years to our goal and we still have a lot to do here first!

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Kelli said...

what's the new adventure? I'm so excited that you guys are going to get a date!!! I know that you are beyond excited about Disney...and I hope you have great weather. I can't wait for Florida...this snow has got to go!