Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Me! My Resolutions.

Ok, so it’s that time again, time for those old resolutions.  Am I right?  OK, this year is going to be different.  Oh wait, I say that every year.  Don’t we all?
However this year instead of making outrageous goals that I just simply can’t make, I’m gonna do things a little differently.  I always say “I’m gonna lose X amount of weight”.  So this year…I’m going to get healthy.  Drink more water, work out more, and eat foods that are good for me.  No, I’m not giving up the chocolate chip cookies, I’m just saying I’m going to eat an actual serving instead of 1/2 a sleeve at one sitting!  Instead of sitting and drinking sweet tea all day long I’m going to sip on water unless I am eating a meal.  After all, sweet tea isn’t hydrating enough. And by working out at least a few days a week, that is far better than I did last year which was hardly at all.  Plus with my Christmas present, my new elliptical machine, working out will be easy!  I can just come home after work, set up a preprogrammed workout for 30 minutes and get lost in television.  And on the weekends since we are all a little addicted to Just Dance for the Wii getting in some exercise will be easy.
My next goal is to let go.  I have tried for so long to make things work that aren’t going to happen.  Trying to get along with certain family members isn’t going to work because I think she and I just butt heads naturally.  You know not everybody can be friends.  So I am letting it go.  I may still fuss from time to time to Zack about her but as far as I’m concerned I’m not making an effort anymore.  If we only see one another on holidays, that’s enough for me.  I also need to let a lot of things go around the house.  I have some OCD that is outta control when it comes to things around here.  Like toys that aren’t put exactly where I want them to be.  It’s just not healthy for me to get so aggravated over something that can simply be let go. 
Another goal of mine is to redo Kayla’s bedroom.  She really is out of her purple stage and it’s time that it gets big girled up a bit.  We have already picked out the color {gray} and her bedding.  Next is just making those purchases and doing it.
One thing that is important to me is to spend less time on this computer.  I love Facebook, too  much.  I am always popping on every hour or so to see what’s going on, or as Zack would say “who just wiped their butt!”.  He hates it!!  So for his sanity and my own, I’m going to limit computer time.  I have got to sit and figure out a good time to get online so that it’s not cutting into family time or me time. 
Something else that I’d like to accomplish this year is setting up a cleaning/laundry schedule.  I tend to want to clean house all in one day.  Which for one eats a whole day away and two makes me irritated because of everything that has to get done then.  I want to do something like…
  • Monday-Dust house
  • Tuesday-Clean bathrooms
  • Wednesday-Clean all floors {vacuum and mop}
  • Thursday-Laundry {wash and dry}
  • Friday-Laundry {fold and put away}
  • Saturday-Nothing
  • Sunday-Bed linen laundry {wash, dry, fold and put away}
I think that is something that is completely doable.  Something that I can manage to do along side the normal daily stuff; wipe kitchen counters and making up the beds and picking up around.
Something else I’d like to start doing, which we did this past week is to get back to using coupons.  I may not get heavily into it like I did at one point last year but just the fact of using them when they are available makes complete sense to me. 
Spend more time with Zack.  We need little date nights weekly.  If it’s nothing but sitting down and eating take out by candle light together after the kids go to bed.  Just something that is the two of us.  We didn’t get enough of that in 2010 and I hope that in 2011 that we can.
Get out of debt or at least almost.  Right now all of our extra money is going in our Disney fund.  We are going in March this year and every extra dollar is in that account right now.  We don’t want to put one set of Mickey ears on a credit card, so we’ve been saving.  We always take our income tax return and pay our house taxes, the house insurance and the rest goes towards credit cards.  In years past we’ve always had new furniture that we’ve always had to pay off too, this year we don’t. {thank you Lord!!}  So I am hoping that we get to put a couple of credit card bills at rest.  Then after we get back from Disney start using most of all of my pay checks to pay the rest off.
Take more pictures and videos.  There is no sense in not taking pictures all the time.  One day the kids will love to look back at all those pictures.  I know that I love looking at all mine from when I was growing up.
Last but not least find a great bible story book that Kelsie can understand and sit down weekly and read from it.  We don’t go to church because of a bad experience with the last one we went too.  I know that you don’t have to go to church to go to Heaven, but I know that you have to have a relationship with God.  All though we all do we can always build on it.  And it will do the children good to learn some of the bible stories that they don’t already know.
Here’s hoping that I can accomplish all these goals. 

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Kelli said...

Those are great goals. Jesus Storybook Bible is a great one to get for Kelsie. I really hope you and Zack get some date's so important. Rondell and I need to do it more often. I also need more water and less Coke...sigh. You can do it girlie.