Monday, January 10, 2011

Blonde Moments, Family Time and Weekends

Friday morning we woke up late and my day, I thought was going to be thrown off course completely.  I get up at exactly 6:15 every morning.  This gives me enough time to shower, do makeup, hair, get dressed, get Kelsie up, fix her breakfast, get Kayla up, dress Kelsie, fix her hair and we are always out the door by 7:35.  However Friday morning we woke up at 6:25!  I was worried.  But everything seemed to be going smoothly, until I had a blonde moment.

As part of my new years resolution to get healthy, I am eating breakfast.  I went to the pantry to get my cereal out and couldn’t seem to find the box.  Now we have at least 10 boxes of cereal because I buy them when they are b1g1.  So I went through all the boxes and nada.  So I went looking the cabinets in the kitchen, thinking that Zack or Kayla had ate some and put it else where, but the box was no where to be found.  I was freaking out. Literally.  I came jogging out of the kitchen yelling “where’s my cereal?”, “I’m gonna be starving!”, “I can’t eat healthy if I can’t have breakfast.” and “where did you {asking whoever} put my box of cereal?”.  Zack and Kayla both said they didn’t eat it nor had they touched it.  I said somebody had to have done it.  Zack told me to look again, which I did.  When I opened the pantry this time I saw a red container, my blonde moment had happened.  I remembered that I had taken the cereal and put it in this container because the bag was split and I didn’t want it getting stale.  Ooops! Zack and I laughed about my blonde moment. 

Friday night we declared it family fun night.  We had a movie from Netflix and we had had for at least a month, Night at the Museum 2.  I told Zack that we had to watch it because if not I was going to send it back and just cancel our subscription.  So we watched it.  But first Kelsie insisted on playing hide and seek in the dark.  Now I haven’t played this since I was a kid or at least a preteen.  We turned out all the lights and played.  It was a blast!  Kelsie had her little flash light and would squeal as she ran around looking for people.  Zack scared me to death at one point.  He hid in our closet and I opened up one door and nobody was there, then I opened the other side and he “booed” me!  I actually screamed and the hair on my arms stood up!  Haha.  We finally popped popcorn and sat down to watch the movie.  It was really good, incase you haven’t seen it.  We loved the first one.

On Saturday we slept in until 10 and then stayed in our pj’s until 1.  We finally decided that it was time to get out of the house.  We had to exchange a couple of gifts that weren’t working right or that didn’t come with all the parts so Zack, Kelsie and I ran to Target and Toys R Us to do that.  Kayla has gotten to where she doesn’t want to go anywhere and stays home.  I remember at her age I was the same way.  It was sorta like complete freedom, nobody there telling you what to do etc.  I told Zack that I wanted to run to World Market since we hadn’t been in forever.  We always buy something there because who can pass up their awesome stuff?!

january 2011 020

We picked up a couple of things that were from the Christmas clearance, the scone mix and the hot cocoa.  We haven’t tried either yet, but we will!  We are planning on scones next weekend for breakfast and we will have the hot cocoa soon, I’m sure.  The Pecan Pie coffee is DIVINE!!  We have to see if they have a large thing of it because it’s so good.  And I can’t wait to try the strawberry rhubarb jam.  I saw that, showed Zack and he was like, “we have to get that”. 

That night we played Just Dance and the girls and I sang karaoke on the Wii while Zack made dinner.  We had Milo’s hamburgers!!!  If you live in Alabama then you know what Milo’s is.  If not then you have to find the nearest one to the interstate that you’ll ever drive on through there and go!!  You want to get a cheeseburger.  You want the sauce, the onions and the pickle.  You want to get extra sauce for your fries, because your gonna want to dip the fries in the sauce and then lick the container when your done.  I am serious.  The sauce is that good.  We go by the one in Calera every time we visit my brothers house on our way home.  We get extra sauce to bring home with us to have it here, because you can’t buy it anywhere.  Yes, it’s THAT good! 

january 2011 022

Sunday was another sleeping late day.  Kelsie played on her 4 wheeler and then we went to Walmart at the beach.  We had a few things to pick up that you can only get at Walmart.  After that we had Pizza Hut for dinner and while the girls played on the Wii, Zack and I cleaned house.  I love it when he pitches in.  It really motivates me to get everything cleaned while he’s willing.  And I’ll tell you we cleaned the whole house.  He vacuumed all the rooms and swept, I cleaned the bathrooms and ran the steam mop where it needed.  I washed and folded all the clothes and  put them all away!  The only thing I’ll have to do today is dust.  Love it!

We had a great weekend and I can’t complain one bit!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

That sounds like a fun weekend! I had Milo's one time and it was pretty good! All those goodies from World Market sound so yummy...especially the coffee!

Kelli said...

Rondell said we're going to have to try Milo's on our made it sound yummy. Sounds like a great weekend.