Monday, December 6, 2010

Making a List, Checking it Twice!

Or at least, I’m still making my list. Hehe.  No checking it off yet.  I set out last week to finish Christmas shopping.  Yea, no checking that one off.  Still have to finish paying Santa Claus and picking out Dirty Santa gifts.  Zack and I did manage to go on Friday night with Kelsie, none the less to get a little done, luckily it was just at Kohl’s so it was easy to hide stuff in the little cart thing. Kelsie was too excited to get the chance to push the cart around to worry about what I was looking at and throwing in. ;-)
Let’s see…I have a list of goodies that I have got to make.
  1. Reindeer Food
  2. Fudge
  3. Sugar Cookies
  4. Chex Mix
  5. Sausage Balls
  6. And something else, just don’t know what yet.
Not to mention that I’ve got to sit down and make out my grocery list for Christmas dinner.  I started thinking on the menu a few days ago.  Since it’s just going to be Zack, myself and the girls, I won’t have to make a lot.  Just enough for Christmas Day and the day after.  We will be doing Christmas with Zack’s family when his grandmother comes down from Indiana.  This way the whole family can spend time together.
We aren’t going up to my brothers the day after Christmas this year.  We decided to go up for New Years!  I’m excited!!  We’ll have Christmas at that time.  I told my SIL today what to get the girls and they are going to freak when they open their gifts!  I can’t wait!! 
Ohhhh…not to mention that I need to figure out what to get Zack and give him ideas about what to get me.  My list changes all the time.  :-)  I told him back in the summer I wanted a Kindle but then decided against that.  Then I decided that I wanted to start a new cookware set by Le Crueset, and he will have to get me piece by piece of that, it’s $$$!  But it will something that I can pass down to my kids when they are grown.  That is what I love about having my grandmothers and great grandmothers iron skillets.  I have two, and they are fabulous!  They cook the best and are pretty much indestructible!  Not to mention the memories I have of them.
Wow, I post went from a list to ramblin’!  Guess I’m gonna go and finish up dinner, we’re having Taco Pie tonight.  One recipe that I have shared before but I added a little extra something to it tonight, so I’ll share that with y’all soon!
Hope y’all are getting your lists ready and checking them twice!


Kelli said...

I haven't even really made the list yet. I'm so behind this's crazy!!! Ooh, what are you having for Christmas dinner? We always stay at home that day and I love it. I hope you have fun going to visit your family (I know you love it) and get your cookware!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I'm finished shopping for my kids, but I don't anything for anybody else yet! I think I have a few busy weeks ahead of me:)