Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Coffee Table Decisions.

Are you happy with your current coffee table?  Was it one you made from an old door or was it bought from a yard sale or handed down to you?  Ours happens to match our end tables and we bought them all as a set several years ago.
However recently I’ve been going back and forth on the possibility of getting a new one. Coffee table that is.   I have been looking around all over but have found these coffee tables to be some really nice ones.  They have so many great styles that I am totally lost as to what I would choose! 
Should I go with round or square?  Something like I have now with metal and storage or should I go all out and choose something a little modern?  See, coffee table decisions!
I think though that this one calls my name.  It has storage, it will match the furniture in my house and well just look at it!
I def think that if y’all are looking for a coffee table you should check them out.  There is something that will fit all styles.


Kelli said...

We actually don't have one...there's just no room. I do like the idea of having one that has storage. I do want some new end tables, both in the living room and in our room.

A-K said...

I am in love with that coffee table! Too cute! Also read yall are coming New Years...yaaay! I'll be out of town (Memphis) that weekend though :( How long are yall staying do you know yet??? I'll have to be able to see yall or I will cry!