Sunday, December 12, 2010

Feeling a Little Grinchy


But not the kind of grinchy against Christmas.  Just ill and fussy.  I have nothing to complain about at all.  I had a fabulous fun weekend.  Friday night we had family Pizza Hut night and watched Christmas shows.  On Saturday we went to Pier Park to watch the parade and ate at Red Robin.  Then on Sunday we did some Christmas shopping and went to my cousin, Joelle’s house to do some crafting.  We are working on Spark books.  I’ll tell y’all more about that later. :-)

But for some reason, I am just grinchy.  If something isn’t done I’m overly fussy about whatever it is.  Example – Kelsie’s room was a mess with a couple of bags of Barbie stuff that used to be Kayla’s, along with a Barbie Jeep and Barbie Motorcycle.  Along with all that was bubble wrap and pencils, notebook paper, candy wrappers, stencils, books, cups from her play kitchen and utensils, etc.  Everything was just in neat piles, but it was just overwhelming to me because of my grinchiness.  I went in there and just threw, yes, I said threw it all to the middle of her floor.  I left her in the mess to put away.  Zack was trying to help and I was yelling at him to get out and let her do it, that it was her room and her mess.  None the less, he left and let her clean it up.  She did a great job too.  I just will have to throw away the bubble wrap tomorrow.  She’s using it as a blanket for her pillow pet, who happens to “live” under her dresser.   

And other small things like that have just thrown me over the edge today.  I just want to get a bath, grab a cup of hot cocoa and go to bed.  It’s just one of those weekends.  I’ll be glad when it’s over. 

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Kelli said...

Big hugs for you from ME! Hang in there girlie.