Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crayola Pop Art Pixies VIP, NYC Part 2

So you probably read part one of Kayla and my trip to New York with Crayola and I know you’ve probably been wondering what we did, well just wait until you read what the premiere party and our weekend was all about!
Once we got changed we headed to the pink carpet for some dinner and crafting fun!
We created several of the Pop Art Pixie items at the premiere party, including Skye’s water bottle, Tatum’s Glass Plates, and Skye’s wind chimes.
November 2010 028
Saturday morning we were up bright and early for breakfast and more crafting! 
This time we created Maya’s Glass Pendant!
When we headed out front of the W Hotel, we were shocked to see our ride for the day.
November 2010 067
The inside was just as fabulous, complete with lot’s of colorful lights and candy galore! 
Each stop on our tour of the city represented each of the Pop Art Pixies. 
Our first stop was Central park, to represent Skye.  The first thing they showed us there was the wind chimes that we created the night before.  They were hanging in one of the trees.  How great is that?!
November 2010 087
Next up while there we got to take a horse and carriage ride tour.  What a wonderful way to see Central Park.  We got off for a short time at the Angel in the Water and were able to walk around and take in the scenery.  While we were there, there was a fabulous family singing Christmas carols under the walk way that sounded so beautiful that it literally took my breath away! 
Next on our tour was Tatum’s Tea Party, which took place at none other than The Magnolia Bakery.  The girls had lunch and then they were able to decorate their very own cupcakes.  By the way, if your in the area, you have got to have a cupcake!  The frosting is amazing!!  And of course Crayola made it special by having the glass plates that they had created the night before there for them to eat their cupcakes on.
November 2010 143
Before we got to our third spot of the day, we had some free time to walk around Rockefeller Center.  We got the chance to see the huge Christmas tree and ice skating rink.  The tree was huge!  I wished they had already had it lit or at least the scaffolding wasn’t around it.  Oh well, no complaints, it was still a wonderful experience!
We left Rockefeller Center and headed to Maya’s Museum Tour, The Museum of Modern Art. 
November 2010 186
We got a quick guided tour where we were able to check out some awesome art, some of which was by Andy Warhol. 
When we left the museum it was starting to get late and we all wondered where we may end up next. 
Last but not least we headed to Greenwich Village for Naomi’s dj dance party at Scratch Dj Academy.   We ate sushi and authentic New York pizza and had a private dj lesson where the girls learned how to scratch!  We also did our final crafting here, Naomi’s Color Glow Lamp.
November 2010 206
At the end of the dance party our weekend with Crayola had ended.  We’d both like to thank Crayola for this opportunity, we had a fabulous time!
Kayla and I did a little shopping in Times Square that night before heading to bed.  We were sad to say good bye to the Big Apple and we will be back one day!
Stay tuned tomorrow for an awesome Crayola Pop Art Pixies Giveaway!
**Crayola provided the travel accommodations, hotel, transportation, craft supplies, gift bags and gift cards for travel expenses.  Opinions are 100% mine.


Kelli said...

I have always wanted to see that tree....I'm so jealous. This looks like such a fun time and I must find those pixie projects for Jamison!!!

A-K said...

That is so awesome that you girlies got to take that trip together. Some awesome memories, plus lots of great fun! Love it!