Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Infantino Test Drive Number Three

First things first. I want to apologize for the lack of photos. My lap top went on the fritz and the Geek Squad currently has it. I am not sure when it's coming back to me and the "family" {or kids} computer just won't let me upload photos to Blogger or download Windows Live Writer. :(

Now that that's out of the way....On to making your own baby food. Really? Well, yes. Why not? After all think of all the preservatives that are added to your babies food. I mean why on Earth would you want to go from breast feeding to feeding your baby food that has additives in it? Yea, that didn't sound so appealing did it?

I got to review a great set of items for making your own baby food and I must say that it's not as hard and time consuming as some of you might think.

I like to be in the kitchen cooking and baking away but I also like some meals to be on the table in a matter of minutes. Even when your making your baby food it can literally be a matter of minutes. Just think the next time your making mashed potatoes or mac and cheese or steaming your veggies, you can have your babies meal ready to eat in no time.

We received some fabulous items by Annabel Karmel and each one was perfect for making and storing your babies food!

So next time your in the store purchasing those jars of baby food, turn then over and check the labels! You might be surprised to see what's actually in them!

“I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for Infantino and have received various Infantino products as part of my participation.”

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