Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It’s the Spookiest Time of The Year

A couple of weeks ago I pulled all my fall decorations out.  Of course I don’t have that much fall stuff at all.  A garland of leaves, beaded pumpkins and a little sign that I made last year that reads “fall”.
I was waiting until the first week of October to pull out my Halloween stuff, honest, I was.  However while watching Christmas on QVC all day on the 25th of September, my house felt naked.  I needed the fullness that it feels when the Christmas decorations are out.  NO!  Ya’ll, I did not get out my Christmas stuff.  Although I was talking to Zack about putting it out the first week of November.  After all, it feels as if as soon as it all goes up it all comes back down.  Time just flies and there is no time to really enjoy the warmth that the holidays bring. 
Anyways.  Back to spooky.  So while watching a little Christmas on QVC, the kids and Zack went outside and I decided to pull out my Halloween stuff! 

october 2010 009
october 2010 010
october 2010 012
october 2010 013
october 2010 014
october 2010 016
october 2010 017
october 2010 018
So that’s it!  That’s all I got. :-)  I’d love to get some stuff to go outside.  We’ll just have to see.  We may wait until after Halloween or closer to it and hit the sales at Target!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love all the spiderwebs and that rag garland thing that is hanging on the china cabinet is too cute!

Kelli said...

You have a lot of cute & spooky decorations. I love that in the picture with the TV I can see QVC on :) I will absolutely be going to some after Halloween/Fall sales this's time for me to start planning ahead.