Friday, October 1, 2010

Is it Really Friday?!

I have that same feeling that you get when you come home after a long trip.  I honestly want to give the calendar a big wet one!
Thursday was a good day at school.  All the kids were really good.  It’s amazing to see what happens when time out on the playground is threatened. ;-)  Most all of them straighten up fairly quick. 
Kelsie is sick. :(  When I went to pick her up from school Thursday afternoon she told me that she “had a lot of bless-yous” {sneezes} and had to use kleenex several times.  While waiting in the car to get Kayla she was stuffy and said that her tummy hurt.  I am hoping she isn’t sick that long.  We came home and she requested a hot bath.  I bathed her, rubbed her chest down with vapo rub, a dose of medicine and she had chicken soup for dinner. {per her request} 
Kayla is still grounded.  Although we have finally stopped adding days.  Her day has been October 9th for several days now.  Maybe she’s finally learning to keep her attitude and sassy mouth at bay.  Or she’s finally decided that hanging out in her bedroom keeps her out of trouble. HA!  For the past week or so I have been seeing less and less of her.  She’s starting to hang out in her room reading and doing her home work.  However, I did let her watch tv last night when we made a quick run to Target.  Well, the tv was left on for the noise.  I put it on C-Span and honestly laughed about it.  Thinking how boring it was going to be to listen too.  But when we got home and I hit the “Last” button on the remote I was NOT happy with what channel it went too.  I didn’t say anything about it because I just didn’t want the confrontation.
My car…Zack ordered the part yesterday and it will be here, hopefully, the beginning of next week.  He made an appt at the dealership on Friday morning, so I’ll take it in.  I can’t wait to roll down my windows! Especially since the weather is cooling off, I can save on gas by having the windows down when I pick up the kids from school.
Speaking of the weather, I can’t complain.  I’m thrilled that we are having temps in the lower 60’s at night.  Our air doesn’t run at all!  Maybe that will mean that the power bill will be lower. {crossing fingers} And when you step outside during the day you don’t break a sweat at all.  The only time it’s hot is when you stand in the sun.  Other than that it’s so comfortable.  I think that Summer should feel this way.  Whose with me?!
Tomorrow is a big game for the Gators…we are playing Alabama.  And although I know we’re going to lose, I hope it’s not a beat down.  We’re still undefeated so I really hate to see the loss.  We’re all sporting our Gator gear today.  Kelsie in her hair bows, Kayla in her head band and myself in my shirt and Zack, oh wait, he’s wearing his Colts shirt.  Ooops.  Oh well, he’ll wear his Gator shirt tomorrow. :-)
I’m looking forward to Sunday too.  Zack and my 7 year anniversary is on Monday and we’re going to celebrate on Sunday.  We plan on going to Pier Park, having a latte from Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice of course, and riding the ferris wheel at Miracle Strip.  We don’t want to spend the money on eating out or anything so we may order out Monday night and eat it after the kids go to bed.  We’ll see.  Because I could just cook up some Olive Garden food and it be just as yummy!  Oh wait, ya know what…I think I will!  I’m definitely in the mood for some Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo and Mozzarella Fonduta!
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

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Kelli said...

You had me at Olive Garden food...that sounds so tasty. I hope you two have a wonderful anniversary. Next time tell Zack to read the memo about wearing his Gator gear. My Kayla, I hope she gets ungrounded soon and realizes the sass is not worth it. I hope Kelsie feels better soon, my allergies are acting crazy. I do think summer should be just warm enough to swim with little humidity. Oh well! Have a beautiful weekend.