Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sorry Charlie!

Wow, what a morning.  The same sub was there today {and will be there tomorrow too} from Tuesday.  She is fabulous!  Now I’m learning the differences between subs and what not and what makes a good one.  Don’t get me wrong, the lady that was there on Wednesday was nice, but some you just prefer over others. 
She brought in cookie cake for snack for the kids and a piece for me. =-)  No, that wasn’t why she is fabulous. She is just great with the kids.  Since I know the morning routine, she really let me jump in and do things, where as the other lady was doing it all, ahem…wrong. 
During pick up at 11, I take the kids out that leave at that time.  One of the girls’ mother didn’t show up. She is never late.  I wondered what was up.  So I took her back to the room and tried calling her mom.  However the number was long distance and I don’t have a code, so we had to go to the office.  I called and got voice mail, which I SWEAR sounded like it was really her and not voice mail.  {I thought only teens talked like that on their voice mail}  It said hey, and something about on their way or something.  Yea, not your typical “you’ve reached such and such, leave a message.”  So her mom shows up and the sub tells them they have to go get her from the office since it’s after her normal pick up time.  She gets ticked off but goes, none the less.  Then once she gets in the office, she has to check her out and she gets mad.  Telling me I know who she is and that she is never late, yada yada.  Then it’s the police, FBI and US Marshalls were at her apartments because of a fugitive and what not and they couldn’t leave because the police wouldn’t let them.  WOW!  What a mess.  However, I think if I would have been in that situation, I would have called the school and let them know what was up and that I was running late.  Ya know?! 
Tonight we plan on eating a huge salad for dinner, complete with cheese, pepperoni's, chicken strips, croutons, tomatoes, etc.  I can’t wait!!  Then we plan on watching the new Tinkerbell movie that came out on Tuesday.  We love Tinkerbell! :-)
But for now, I’m going to enjoy a cup of S’mores coffee as I watch Everybody Loves Raymond before getting the kids from school!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I just don't get people are so right, that momma should have called and let them know what was going on! And yummo! S'mores coffee sounds so good, and I don't really like coffee:)

Rambling Girl said...

Gosh I would have called also...I would have been embarrased to say the least for being late...not a coffee drinker but that does sound yummy!

Kelli said...

Can we say I'm glad you like the sub and that you're learning a lot! That dinner sounds very yummy (as all your dinners do).

A-K said...

Whoa - not everyday the FBI and Marshalls are at your doorstep before lunch. What up with that? I love a big, cruncy, packed full-o-goodness salad like that. Mmmmmmmmmmm!