Friday, September 10, 2010

Play With Science - Review

Kayla loves Science.  However sometimes her creativity is something that I don’t want her to try and dabble in.  One day we came home from the store to find that she had taken to playing with different spices in the cabinet.  She was imagemixing them and putting all sorts of condiments with them.  She said she was creating lip gloss and what not.  We had a long talk after that about the different effects of spices on lips and what not.  Not all things in your kitchen can turn up pleasing flavors and scents.  She promised never to play in them again.  Thank goodness!

Most recently we got the opportunity to try out a beauty science kit that I knew she was going to go nuts over, a Bath Fizzers kit.  I know your thinking, what in the world?  But Kayla loved creating her own bath bombs/fizzers.  She loved mixing and making her own scents.  It was just a ton of fun for her.  This was something that she could do without my hands on help.  Which was definitely nice!  Plus she learned while she was going along. 

If you have a daughter that is into Science I think that she’ll love Bath Fizzers as much as Kayla did!  Plus the fun won’t have to stop there.  There are lot’s more kids available.  Such as Lovely Lip Balm, Heavenly Hair Kit and tons more!

**we received the above mentioned product for review purposes only.  this was our honest opinion and you may or may not agree.

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