Thursday, August 19, 2010

working on my faith – part 2

So why do good things happen to bad people?
I’m gonna explore some reasons behind that in this post. 
This is something that I struggle with, but something that not many people say anything about.  We always hear “why do bad things happen to good people?”  Which I gave my opinion in “working on my faith – part 1”.
To answer my question I seek out the wisdom of the Bible, because I am clueless.  After all one would imagine that people get what they deserve, but it doesn’t seem to work this way in our world. At least not here on Earth.
All over the world people are sinning and performing shameful actions only to be rewarded. 
There are murders and thieves getting away with their crimes all the time.  Their are celebrities who have been arrested and only to be set free earlier than their sentence or they don’t get a sentence at all. 
Then there are those people who steal and lie and don’t get caught.  They prosper so to speak with the goods they’ve stolen and lies they’ve told and seem to be living the merry life.
This is not fair to those of us that try to get ahead.  Those of us that make an honest living.  Those of us who are trying to live our life the way God would wants us to.  Those of us who fork out every dime of our pay check every month to pay our debtors.  And at times it seems as though we even fall behind.  Even when trying our best.  We are paying our debt as God has said:
“The wicked borrows and does not pay back, but the righteous is gracious and gives.” Psalm 37:21
But for some reason even though we are on top of things as we should be, bad things happen.  This of course from my point of view is our test in faith.
As hard as it sounds sometimes, we all have to go through bad times.  Because only in Heaven is everything happy and perfect.
But what about the others that aren’t living the life on the right path.  Why is it that they never get their test of faith?  Why do good things keep happening to those bad people?
Well, here on Earth they are getting away with their sins, but in the kingdom of Heaven, God is keeping track of everything.  So their day will come.  We just may not be around to see it.
When those people have to stand before the Lord, they will have to account for their actions here on Earth. 
"So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God." Romans 14:12
So maybe all these “good things” that seem to be happening to the “bad people” are merely their actions from their tests. 
Tests?  Yes.  We are swayed on a daily basis by Satan.  He is always on the look out to present his evil thoughts to us.  These bad people are just Satans puppets, per se.  They are put into a situation and then Satan gives them a way out. 
Here is an example of a test.  You are in the mall trying on some clothes when you run across money or a piece of jewelry.  Obviously this was dropped by some one in the dressing room prior to your entrance.  You pick it up and a million thoughts come racing into your mind.  Do you keep whatever it is or do you take it to Customer Service?  Well of course we should do the right thing and turn it in.  But then there is a voice that says “keep it”.  It goes on telling you that if you didn’t keep it somebody else would.  Or it may tell you that the person probably had a lot of money or jewelry {because maybe it was an expensive piece of jewelry} and they’ll never miss it.  So you make the ultimate decision and pocket it.  Not feeling guilty at all.  And when you tell your friends of your findings they boast how great that was that you found such-n-such and that they never are that lucky to find anything. 
Then after thinking more deeply you think to yourself…”I don’t think I could have kept that, it’s really stealing and stealing is wrong.”
There was a choice of turning it in but ultimately Satan won.  All these bad people are making these decisions that lead to good things, at least to the outsiders.  But that decision is going to cost them when they come before the Lord.  That is when they get their punishment. 
Of course this is all my thought process from my searching the Bible.  I have been struggling lately with my faith so I’ve been doing some deep down soul searching.
Part 3 will be about letting things go {troubles, worries, etc} and putting faith in God that things will turn out. 
“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall”  Psalm 55:2
Stay tuned for part 3 of working on my faith.

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Kelli said...

Our treasures are not down here...they are in a much better place, Heaven.