Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tea Collection - Review

I know that I write a lot about kids clothing, after all I do have two kids.  But there are times that I get things and feel like it’s just like something that I’ve reviewed before, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary.  This review is completely different.  I got the opportunity to work with Tea Collection and I don’t think I’ve ever been so pleased with a brand before.  Tea was above and beyond my expectations.


Kayla and Kelsie both got something from the new fall collection from Tea.  First impressions, perfect.  After trying the clothes on, even more perfect.

The fall collection from Tea was inspired by the folk traditions of Old World Hungary.  The items the girls received are just beautiful!

Kayla received the Eniko Yoke Dress and Bootcut Leggings.  Not only is this outfit stylish {even enough for Kayla, she’s picky} but I love it.  Kayla also loves it because it’s so soft and comfortable. She said she can’t wait until our weather cools off so that she can wear this.

july 2010 009

Kelsie received the adorable Hungarian Floral Dress. The colors and this pattern are my favorite!  I also love the squared neck and banding.

july 2010 005

Tea Collection has boys clothing, baby clothes and girls clothing ages 0 to 12!  I’m thrilled to see the age 12.  It’s so hard to find clothes that are this lovely for Kayla.  They also carry women’s clothing as well.

I that you’ll love Tea Collection just as much as we do!

**we received the above mentioned items for review purposes only.  this is our opinions and you or may not agree.

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