Saturday, August 21, 2010


I’m not sunburned.  Our pool is green because our pump went out.  Yes, we did replace it right before Summer!  It’s under warranty so Zack is going to contact them about it.  With all that, I’m not sunburned..I’m just burnt.

Burnt as in: Tired. Over it.  Burnt out.

I have officially been at stay at home momma for 7 years and then I stepped out into the world of working momma.  Let me just say, I only work 3 1/2 hours a day.  However, those 3 1/2 hours are on my feet running after 18 preschoolers, playing with, cleaning up after, swinging, squatting…that’s a long 3 1/2 hours on a person.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a blast doing it.  Time flies and I love this job!  However, I don’t see how one has the energy to come home and clean house, wash clothes, cook dinner, go shopping, pick up kids from school etc.  Oh and add blogging to that and WOW.  I am burnt.

I love blogging.  I love it more than anything.  I have made a few fabulous life long friends this way.  However, blogging daily, twice a day actually is hard.  I made the huge mistake of adding on my reviews and giveaways over here and started doing it pretty much full time.  Although I said I wouldn’t.  I initially was only going to do reviews with my blog tours that I work with.  Such as Team Mom, Mom Central, Blog Spark, etc.  And the occasional company or PR rep that contacted me with something that my family would enjoy.  I had no plans of reaching out to them all again.  But I did.  Now I regret it.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE reviews.  Love them with a big puffy pink glittery heart sticker.  But, it’s hard work, if your not a stay at home momma.  I didn’t realize that, until now.

I have a couple of weeks left of reviews and then I’m done.  I mainly started working so much again with them because all I could think about is Christmas is coming up.  Reviewing has it’s perks when it comes to holidays.  For the past two years I have spent hardly nothing on the kids because of reviewing.  So I was thinking the same thing for this year.  But I can’t do it anymore.  It’s just not worth the time when I could be spending it with my family.

I have been spending the last two weekends writing two blog posts per day for the entire next week.  That’s 10 posts!  The reason I’ve been doing two is because I don’t like my reviews being at the top for the day.  I just don’t want y’all to see me as a sell out.  Because I’m not.  There are already WAY too many out there.  They do nothing but review and write nothing personal about their family besides their kids enjoying the latest toy.  Not really interesting to read about.  I think the only reason they have the traffic and readers is because they are constantly hosting giveaways, so people want to win so they keep showing up daily to check in on that particular blog. 

So bear with me as I finish up the rest of the review posts and then you shouldn’t see much of them anymore.  I’m not giving up my blog tours.  Because they don’t happen that often at all.  So it won’t be a stretch for me to write about them.  And if I am contacted by a company that I have already worked with, i.e. Disney, Hasbro, etc, I will work with them again.

I’ve been so burnt in fact that tomorrow is Kelsie’s 5th birthday and I didn’t even order her a cake! :(  We are going shopping tonight to get her birthday present and a card.  I will end up making her cake with a cake pan that I received from Wilton for review.  I hope it turns out great since I haven’t had time to practice!

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A-K said...

You'll be getting in the swing of it soon. But, after running around after little ones, then taking care of your own fam - sometimes rec. things will have to be pushed to the side a little. Nothing wrong with that! Glad you are loving it and everyone is well!!!!!!