Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank Goodness it’s Friday

Wow, this week has been one of those weeks.  It’s been crazy.
Although it’s Friday my weekend is beginning and with myself taking on product reviews and giveaways, my weekend won’t be completely for relaxing anymore.  I have lot’s of reviews in drafts and at least 2 of those I’ve got to write and get ready to go out next week.  One of which is really neat and if you have kids, you’ll definitely want to check it out.  Here is a clue….{ya think I was gonna show you something better than that?!} :-)
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Next up I have to start focusing on something…I have to limit my internet time.  Zack and I were fussing a bit last night about his addiction to smoking and my addiction to internet.  We both agreed that addiction has to be something that you want to stop.  It can be decided by some one else.  Just like we can’t change people.  So, I want to break this habit. 
I get sucked in online a lot.  I am talking, drinking my coffee online.  Wasting time away instead of doing household chores.  Even playing online while on the phone.  I feel the urge to check my email all the time.  Even when I’m online writing a blog post or reading other blogs, I feel the need to stop and check my mail.  Am I expecting something important?  Well, who knows what I might receive.  After all the Disney Social Media Moms were sent invites via email….So…I guess I’m so worried I don’t want to miss a thing.  However, it’s really starting to take over my life and it’s not healthy anymore.
So last night at midnight {of all times when I should have been sleeping} I was Googling internet addiction.  Wow, the articles I found were very interesting.  I learned some great tips and useful information.  I am enforcing some of those tips today.  One of which was to turn off all notifications that come via email from Facebook. {or what ever social network service you belong too}  Because it seems that every time I receive one I head over to FB to read it and then I get sucked in.  Which is what they really want anyways.
So this morning I started another tip…start timing my internet time.  I turned on Little Bear for Kelsie and during that time I am able to check my email, visit FB once, blog this and start reading some of the blogs on my sidebar.  Speaking of sidebar.  I have had to go through and take some off.  Some of which I had quit visiting really altogether, or blogs that I never commented on, etc.  My list was really long.  Because with each new blog that I added I would spend hours looking at who they followed, etc.  It was getting a bit overboard.  No more will I hop over to my own blog and look at it.  I mean the look isn’t going to change, ya know?  But for some reason I would spend probably an hour total daily looking at my own blog, checking for blog updates etc.  Crazy. 
My house isn’t neglected because I have OCD so it gets cleaned.  And I watch all my shows because now we have a DVR, but the time that I am online I could be reading or playing games with the kids or at least spending more time with them.  Life is too short for me to look at the computer screen all day.  I don’t want the kids to say “all my momma did was sit online”. 
So this weekend, I plan on taking the net easy.  I will be timing myself…and making sure that I don’t spend hours at a time online just doing nothing. 
I have more to discuss on internet addiction, lot’s of stuff that I want to pass on to you that I read about.  That will be a post that I’ll work on and get up sometime next week.  I’ll also post my progress.
Little Bear went off and I haven’t even started reading my blogs…Kayla wanted to watch Cat Dog so I’m gonna read my blogs, comment, check email one last time and that will probably be the end for another couple of hours.  I’m gonna find something to do!

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Kelli said...

Good luck! I know that the computer can suck you in and the next thing you know an hour (or two) has passed. There have been times when my kids are in a completely different room and I can tell they are craving my attention and I'm reading FB...gotta change that. I'll work on this with you :)