Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Fun, Summer Plans

We have been having so much fun this summer.  Busy to say the least but having a lot of fun.  We have already gone to the beach about 4 times this year, I know so unlike me, but I am worried about this oil, and good reason to be.  We are in the forecast and there have been signs of tar balls not too terribly far from us. :-(  We may head out today or just wait until tomorrow when Zack is off from work.  If the beach is still open tomorrow, that is where we will be! 
I have a lot of updating, right I mean as far as pictures go, I uploaded SO many last night after I got my laptop battery back and all charged up.  So excuse the over abundance of photos. :-)
We have been doing a lot of this, almost daily.
june 2010 064
Kayla’s birthday party came and went, and only one person besides family came…and that was the little boy next door.  Kayla still enjoyed it, although we decided no more parties!  Btw…if you’ve never had a Dairy Queen blizzard cake, you have got to order one!  Ohmygoodness…Kayla chose Reese Cup and it was SO good!
june 2010 010
One of Kayla’s birthday presents has been keeping us busy almost every night. We’ve seen the craters on the moon, Venuses greenish blue glow, and the rings of Saturn.  We can’t wait to take it out to Zack’s moms house Saturday night..she lives out in the country so I’m sure we’ll get to see lot’s more!
june 2010 034
Ya know, I had planned Zack a party but due to several reasons, I cancelled it and we just did a small family get together.  Zack didn’t mind, we went to the beach that day with Zack’s mom, brother and his wife and had a great time.  First time I layed on a float in the ocean..which is awesome if you haven’t done so.  The water was so perfect we went out to the sandbar and we collected lot’s of shells and even saw a horse shoe crab, star fish and several sand dollars.  Too busy at the beach to take pics that day.
june 2010 036
june 2010 037
We made a Summer fun list {a list of all the fun things we want to do this summer}…{I’ll take a photo and show it to y’all later}  But on the list was making home made we did just that! {1 cup water, 2 tbsp light corn syrup and 4 tbsp dishwashing liquid}
june 2010 050
june 2010 060
Yesterday my mother n law brought over my nieces….We swam in the pool and had a lot of fun!
june 2010 066
june 2010 069
june 2010 076
So there is my long update!  We’ve been busy and having a lot of fun.  Here’s to Summer!!


Darlene said...

It looks like a great summer so far and anytime you can swim when it is hot is a definite bonus! I can't keep Lexi out of the pool, she LOVES it!

Beth in NC said...

Love the photos. We've been busy doing the same type of things.

Tell me -- how do you watermark your photos? I need to do that myself.

Happy Summer!

Rambling Girl said...

So glad you all are having a blast this summer! We have been having lots of fun in the pool also since school got out. I been thinking about going down to Tybee Island in Savannah but not the same as the Gulf. Enjoy your time at the beach!

Kelli said...

Here's to SUMMER! That pool looks so refreshing and makes me want to come over right now. Kayla's cake sounds so delicious and I'm glad she enjoyed her day...and got a cool gift. Hugs!

Kelli said...

Oh and look at you on the beach...whoa!