Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh Baby, Baby…It’s a Boy!

This past Saturday was my sister n law and brother n laws baby shower.  They are expecting they’re first baby August 21st. {the day before Kelsie’s birthday}  They are having a little boy, they’ve named him Jaxon. {aww!}
My mother n law ask for my help months ago to help plan decorate and what not for the shower, so I agreed to help out.  Although I wanted to play the candy bar dirty diaper game, and my sil didn’t want to do games, it was still a great time.  And honestly now looking, I think there was just TOO many people there to have played any games at all.  I think there was barely sitting room at times. 
Here are the decorations and what not….
The little clothes line, that I think is just an adorable idea! 
june 2010 028
The center piece.  I wanted the whole vase filled with malt balls, but Zack didn’t get enough and time was slipping away quick to go and buy more, so I improvised and use tissue paper below what I had.  The kids that were there loved the suckers!  They each got one to take home with them.
june 2010 030
The letters that I made for Jaxon’s room.  I bought them and the scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and mod podged them. I bought the papers to coordinate with his room. Everybody was complimenting them!
june 2010 032
One weekend I had Rebecca come over so that I could do some belly shots…I wanted to use one and one of those autograph mats so that everybody could sign it.  I used Photoshop to turn the photo black and white except for her shirt and the letters of Jaxon’s name. 
june 2010 033
Monkeys!  Everywhere…this is their nursery theme so we kept with it for the shower.  I think all the clothes that we bought them had monkeys too..Except for like one on the clothes line. Oh and a cute idea for the balloon weights..just baby food, with coordinating tissue paper.  Turned out great, and it’s something that they can actually use.
june 2010 034
The cake, yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen…I think we’re all hooked on they’re cakes and will never buy a different kind! :-)
june 2010 035
They got tons of stuff for the baby.  From the highchair to the swing and bouncy seat.  I didn’t get pictures of opening of the gifts because there was so many! 
I can’t wait until he gets here!!  I was loving on my nephew that’s 9 months old and he was just too precious!  After loving on him and then feeling Jaxon kick, I’ve got baby fever….No worries though, I’m staying focused on not having one.  Or at least trying.  I think Zack wants another just as bad as I.
Here are some pictures after the shower…the girls were playing with my camera and took some really good pictures.
Zack’s mom {Tammy}, Kelsie and Rebecca {my sil}
june 2010 045
Brandon {my bil}, Kelsie and Zack
june 2010 049
Kayla and Brandon
june 2010 056
Tammy, Rebecca and Me
june 2010 055
All of us, except for Kelsie…she took the picture.  We didn’t think she’d get us all, but she did!  She’s gonna be an excellent photographer one day.
june 2010 061


Kelli said...

Can you throw me a party next? I love everything...the clothes line, the letters, the cake. You did a wonderful job and I'm sure they really appreciated all of your hard work.

Kelli said...

Oh and the picture of you creative what THAT!

Darlene said...

What an adorable baby shower. LOVE the name!!!