Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainbow around the Sun

Saturday we spent the entire day at the pool….getting out there about 11:30 or so the sun was almost at it’s highest point in the sky.  I look up out of habit when we go to the pool to check for clouds and what not.  I want to find the best place to lay for my tan! : )  Anyways.  When I looked up I yelled for Zack to go inside and grab the camera as quickly as possible. 

He went in and ran back outside and I said “look up, look up, hurry!”.  Haha.  Well you know sometimes rainbows are there one minute and gone the next and this one was one that I wanted to make sure that he saw and that I captured on camera.

The rainbow was one like I had never seen or nor heard of before.  It was encircling the sun! 

may 2010 001

Of course the whole rainbow isn’t in the photo, it was impossible to get what I did.  Out of the 15 photos from different angles this was the only one that I captured the most of the rainbow.  But y’all get the jest of it! : )


Kelli said...

How interesting! I love rainbows, but I've never seen anything like that before. And yes, gotta love a good tan!

A-K said...

Just beautiful! A gift to us from an awesome God :-) I've only seen a rainbow do that one time...on a cruise ship headed out to Cozumel! It is so neat. So glad you got a pic of it!

Sherri said...

I think they are called sundogs or something like that...isn't it so pretty? I caught a regular rainbow the other evening at our hotel.

Heatherlyn said...

Wild! I've never seen a rainbow like that before. It's really cool!