Sunday, May 9, 2010


I had hoped that this would have been a one time little thing.  That it was because she was sick with bronchitis back in February.  But it’s not.  It’s hereditary, Zack had it.  I had hoped that we wouldn’t battle like Zack did when he was little.  But the battle has begun.  A scare on Thursday night that included barking cough and near blue lips and nose left us scared and at the dr’s office first thing Friday morning. 

It’s asthma and it’s not fun.  It’s scary in fact, when you don’t know exactly what medication to use and when.

It all started on Thursday night, as I mentioned above.  Kelsie started coughing a bit at 9:30 when she was headed to bed, we just thought she was getting sick, so we didn’t think twice about it.  Then at 11:30 she woke up coughing like a seal, I thought “oh no, croup!”.  Then as I ran into the bedroom to check on her I noticed she couldn’t breath and was struggling, thus the reason she was coughing.  I yelled at Zack to grab her nebulizer and her meds, so I could hook her up to a breathing treatment.  {in all honesty we should have went to the ER, but remember we’re new to all this}  After the treatment she calmed down and was ok.

I called the dr Friday morning and explained to them what happened, he wanted to see her immediately.  So Zack and I got ready and took her in.  After listening to her lungs he determined that it was the asthma inducing her persistent cough.  He gave her a new inhaler for daily prevention and a new nebulizer medication, plus an antibiotic, to keep her from getting bronchitis and a steroid to take for a few days. 

Friday we went to the beach and she was fine, coughing here and there but fine.  We had her fast acting inhaler just in case.  She had a couple of treatments that day as well.

Saturday was not a good day.  Coughing all day long off and on.  Treatments throughout the day went on and then she finally went to bed at midnight.

My sister n law and niece are here and are very familiar with asthma.  Sure Zack is too but not on the parental side of it.  So I was glad Kay was here.  However later on after she was in bed, Kay mentioned to me she would have taken her to the ER if she would have been her child…What?!  I had no idea!  So I am glad she explained to me different things like tummy breathing and the coughing. 

Amanda {my niece} and I looked up all her medications to really learn what they were and when to give them to her.  I am keeping track of when she takes her meds as well.

She won’t be going to school tomorrow because we are probably going back to the dr to get on a daily treatment routine to help with managing.  Plus I have got to get an inhaler rx to take with her and leave it at school.  Because you never know.

She is fine this morning.  She has had her meds and hasn’t needed a treatment yet.  We are keeping a very close eye on her, because with asthma you can have an emergency on your hands fast.


Sweet Deals 4 Moms said...

Hang in there. My 3 year old has been struggling with this since he was 17 months. It's scary especially when you have no experience with it! Sounds like you have good support so that is wonderful. :)

Kelli said...

That is scary and I hope she gets better soon and you can get the right medication for her. How wonderful that you SIL was there to help.

Kay said...

I'm so glad she's feeling better! You have an arsenal of meds and that's good. It's so hard when your child is to figure out what's best. And asthma is puzzling to me since doctors don't explain much about it. Call me if you ever have a question! We'll figure it out together! Love you!