Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Things

I thought I’d do a random post instead of a “What’s for Dinner Thursday” post, today.  My reason you ask?  Well with the air not working around here it’s hard to get the motivation to get in the kitchen to cook up a meal.

- We had a wonderful blessing Monday afternoon.  We are very thankful to that big man upstairs for making it happen.

- We had a tragedy Monday afternoon.  Our air started doing weird things and now as of today {Wednesday afternoon}, it’s officially caput! I am waiting on the guy that my brother called to come over. {the other guy is in Dothan for the day}

- Another mishap Monday was the pool pump not working.  Still in limbo about what that might be.

- Tuesday night, Lost.  I can’t say anything but I am starting to get what is going on, but they still have what like 5 more episodes, so they better get busy with more explanations.

- Wednesday, Zack came home for lunch with some exciting news.  He had me sit down for it.  Again, thanking God for the blessing.

- It’s Spring Break this week and unfortunately I haven’t been able to give the kids the attention that I wanted.  With the air messed up and the phone calls I’ve had to wait for and the visits from the a/c guys we haven’t been able to go anywhere.  I hate that but I can’t change what has happened.  We wanted to do putt putt, bowling, the big park at the beach and the beach.

- I did manage to take the kids to the park down the street Tuesday afternoon for about 30 minutes.  Had to leave because I forgot that I left the dog in her cage in the back yard so I had to come home quick and let her out.

- We will be getting our season passes to Gulf World soon.  This will give the girls and I some free fun this summer!

- Zack took Friday off to spend the day with us.  We are hoping to go to the beach but I’m afraid after watching the weather that it’s not gonna happen.  We may do putt putt that day instead.  Or maybe even Gulf World!  We will see which one the kids wants to do more.

- As I have been editing all the pictures lately I am heart broken that my girls are growing up so fast.  We were in limbo about having another baby.  We both wanted another one but after much thought we decided that right now and at least in the next 10 years it won’t happen.  We want to spend all the time we can with the girls, family vacations, more Disney World, etc.  Traveling is SO hard with a baby and if you throw a theme park in the mix it’s even harder.  So we are going to spend life enjoying our little family.

- I have come to the realization that people are never going to change.  I still had some hopes.  But after much thought, people don’t change.  Especially when they have been negatively influenced by the person they are with. One day reality will snap and something tragic will happen and I won’t be there to hold hands, lend a shoulder to cry on nor an ear for listening. 

- On a happy note, my niece is planning on a trip down some time in May!!  I’m excited about that one.  Haven’t seen her since um, after Christmas?!  But I will also make sure it’s not the same time that Kelli will be in FL.  Hey Kelli, if your reading this, what’s the date y’all will be down?! *smiles*

That was my random list this week! *smiles*


Courtney K. said...

Sounds like you have had an interesting, and stressful week! Hope you guys get the air situation fixed! :)

Darlene said...

I hate it when everything wants to break down all at the same time. Hopefully you can get a few fun things in for Spring Break.

We have to take our pool pump into the little small engine repair place once a year. It ALWAYS has some kind of little problem and has to be repaired. Thank goodness the repair usually only costs about $60.00.

Kelli said...

What's the sit down news!!!!???? Um, yes Lost needs to bring on the answers...I'm tired of being more confused and adding more questions...let's get down to business. Awe, Gulf World...dear to my heart. We will be there the 14th - 20th.

Heatherlyn said...

It's true that people don't change ... mostly.

And kids grow up way way way too quickly!

I'm glad you got some good news and also hope that you can get everything fixed up soon!

Have a super weekend!