Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alright. Who is using their Voodoo Magic?

First off, I don’t believe in voodoo at all, but we just finished watching The Princess and the Frog and so it’s sorta fitting when bad things happen.
All in one day, Monday….two major things happened.
The kids and I were outside, they were playing with the little boy from next door in the sprinkler since our pool is still green and all of a sudden this noise started. Kayla ask what was wrong with our air, I told her that is was the lady next door using her circular saw. {cuz she has been busy doing God only knows what it her junk, that’s another post} Kayla said nuh uh, it’s coming from the air unit. I ran over it it, sure enough, THAT noise was coming from the a/c unit and the fan was not working!! Crap. I ran inside turned off the inside unit and called my brother because they work in the heating and air conditioning business. I told him what was up and then he said to call my nephew which is their a/c tech. I told him what was going on and he said it sounded like one or two things to him. I ask price and then ask what he was doing this weekend.
Unfortunately by the time we paid for the part and the gas for him to come down we wouldn’t be saving much money.
Well…I had plans with my cousin and her little boy to do some fun things with them for spring break. I was talking to her this morning {Tuesday} and she said that the guy next door to her was the VP of an a/c company here. After talking with him, he’s gonna get us a deal. {Thank the Lord, that is a blessing}
So that was only the first thing that happened.
The second. I decided that while the kids were spending time in the sprinkler that I would go and start vacuuming the pool. After all it takes us a good week of vacuuming daily to get all the junk out so we can add chemicals to start the process of getting the water swim ready.
Well, Kayla helped me get everything ready and I went to plug in the pump and…nothing. It didn’t work! Crap. Again.
Sooo. Zack thinks it might be the cord and he’s going to rewire it this weekend and if that’s not it, we will need a new pump.
This is all happening the SAME day that I have thanked God for a blessing. One that we have needed for a while.
So, it’s enough to wonder if somebody isn’t working a little voodoo on us for misfortunes to happen when something good happens.
Hopefully everything will work out in the end.
**update** The service tech was here and the air worked, no prob! That’s ok, he didn’t charge us for coming out and gave me his cell number so if we have anymore problems we can call him!

**update again** As of last night we were having problems again, if you read about it on Facebook you'll already know. Anyways. I will be calling him this morning!


Kelli said...

I hate when stuff like that happens but it looks like you were in good hands...whew! I want a pool!!!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

It sounds like the saying one step forward two steps back! It will get better!