Friday, April 23, 2010

Making a Decision

I have always wanted to be a teacher.  Ever since I was a little girl while playing with my stuffed animals and passing out coloring sheets.  Grading their papers and lecturing when they were “talking”.  Down to bathroom time and even p.e.
I didn’t go to college just vocational school and earned my Legal Secretary Certificate, which I have only worked as a Legal Secretary for about 3 months because of some personal matters.  {that story is for another time}
Annnnnnyways.  I have said for the past two years that I will become a substitute teacher when Kelsie started school full time…well that’s just a few short months away.  She will start Kindergarten in August so I have started looking into everything I have to do so that I’ll be available from day one school starts. 
I was searching on the school boards site today and learned that I have to fill out my application {duh!} and have my background check done then pay to take a test and that’s it, I get my badge and I’m entered into the system.  Sounds pretty awesome to me!
I can choose not to work on days that one of the kids or myself is sick and not have to worry about losing my job or what my boss will say.
As I was searching over the site learning what I need to do, I really started thinking well maybe I don’t want to sub forever, but I do want to work in the school system, in a school.  And I ran across a Para position.  It’s at a school that I would NEVER work at but that’s not the point.  I thought that sounds like a great idea.
So while I will be subbing next year, I will be keeping my eyes open for a Para position at a school that I would love to work at.  I have to take a special test to become a Para, but that’s no big deal.  Plus I get Summers off!  What could be more perfect than that, especially when your a mom!
I’m pretty excited to say the least to set out on an adventure that I hope turns into my career.


Kelli said...

Sweet! I thought about going back to school for teaching but I'm not sure if I'm going to go through with it. Good for you, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Tracy B at FeedSack Cooking said...

sounds like you have a plan. I work for the school system here in my hometown. i love it. my husband subs and he enjoys it. I think that you would really like it and I know you can stay busy everyday subbing. Good Luck

Nichole said...

I'm a SpEd paraprofessional (well, we call it TA but same diff). :o)

I LOVE my job (most days)! We get to do our own lesson planning and teach small groups instead of just assisting in classrooms or in the SpEd rooms.

Good luck with the subbing when the time comes!

Amanda said...

You go girl! I hope that can turn into something for you!