Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kelsie’s Easter Egg Hunt and Party

Happy Easter!
Kelsie had a fun filled morning at school on Friday.  Zack and I along with other moms and dads volunteered to hide Easter eggs today for their hunt.  299 eggs later, the kids were ready.
April 2010 002
Kelsie ran around so much I hardly was able to get any pictures.
April 2010 016
April 2010 025
And then there was the Easter Bunny!  You can’t have a hunt without the bunny!
April 2010 051
April 2010 053
I was inside the classroom during these photos.  I was helping the class mom get the food ready. {don’t worry, I didn’t cheat on my diet! *smiles*} 
They decorated their own cupcakes.  And it was a lot of fun to watch.
April 2010 057
Kelsie ate more frosting from her cup than what ended up on her cupcake. HA!
April 2010 062
But in the end she is a great cake decorator!
April 2010 064


Heatherlyn said...

Cute Easter Bunny pictures! I find that getting pictures during an egg hunt is sooooo challenging. The kids move so quickly!

Amanda said...

How much fun! Those are some really wonderful memories. Kelsie-bug is so cute running around :)

P.S. Why is the Easter Bunny always sooooooooo creepy!? She was a big girl snuggled up to em though...I don't even think I could of done that LOL.