Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Being Accountable

beingaccountable copy
Wow, so one week tomorrow I will have been on the South Beach Diet. In just a few short days I dropped 6 pounds, and now I’m holding at that weight. Which is ok with me, but then again it’s not ok. HA! The first two weeks your supposed to lose between 8 and 14 pounds, so yea I am expecting to lose more this week. Or at least I hope so!!
I have not worked out in all honesty because on the 3rd and 4th day I was like a zombie. And then I decided that I would just wait until phase 2 comes around next week to start working out. But I plan on sticking to my plan that is on my sidebar. I think that is a well rounded plan for starting out. I will gradually increase my cardio to an hour, 3 times a week in the coming weeks.
Phase 2 will be welcomed with open arms, that is for sure. *smiles*
Week 2 of phase 1 here I come!!
**heads up, if I am around less often it’s because this week is Spring Break!**


Heatherlyn said...

Happy Spring Break! And you are doing great with your program. Even if every single day isn't totally according to schedule if you just keep working at it over the long run I'm sure you'll end up where you want to be!

Kelli said...

6 pounds!!!! I'm sure more will come off this week. Enjoy your Spring Break.

Amanda said...

Wooooow 6lbs! That is SOOOO awesome girl! :) You can def keept that up...and itll be even better when you can add fruits and veggies!!! SBD is my favorite...and it works too! Happy Spring Break!