Saturday, March 6, 2010

You Can Only Count on Each Other

I debated with myself about putting this post on this blog and not having it private.  However, I chose in the end that it’s something that everybody can read.

As y’all know this weekend Zack and I are working on the master bathroom.  I tore down the paneling from the walls and ceiling only to discover mold, which lead to a whole ceiling replacement, which here it is 9:30 on Saturday night and we still haven’t finished it.  It’s a LOT harder without a ladder.  What?  Yea, you read that right.  Let me explain.

We have a ladder, it’s one that belonged to my parents and has been in the family since probably before I was born.  One rung is completely missing and one is broke in half.  Did I forget to mention that the legs are bowed inward and that when you stand on it, it wobbles back and forth?  Yea.  It does.

Well, Monday around lunch Zack called his mom and ask if she could bring her ladder over here.  She lives 20 mins away, out of town.  However it’s not like she doesn’t make a trip in to town.  She has been sick and had to leave work early once this week, Tuesday she forgot to bring the ladder with her so she could bring it over, Zack tried to call her a couple of times this week and remind her, but got no answer….today…well she just didn’t want to make a trip into town and she wished she had the money we did to be doing this with.  That’s sweet huh?  Knowing we didn’t have a ladder but the one that you could literally fall and break your neck on, and still no ladder.  I can promise you though that if his sister would have needed the ladder she would have been in the car before she even had her shoes on good.  Why?  I have no idea.   Oh and the money.  We don’t have the money for the ceiling.  We only budgeted for the lights and mirror, new shower bar, towels, rug and shower curtain.  We did not plan on having to buy green board for the ceiling and the sheet rock screws, tape and other items needed for the job.  And I COULD go on with the money she would have had if she didn’t give it to Zack’s sister but I will just hush my mouth.

So Zack and I did it, without help, with our kitchen chair and rickety ladder.  Thank God, that we are all ok, nobody is broken, no scratches or bruises, even though there was a near fall. 

We learned that we can only count on each other.  No, wait I take that back.  My cousins husband would have been able to help but they are at Disney. {jealous!!}  He came over and helped with the water heater, twice.

It was tough today, but we managed and even though we aren’t where we had hoped we would be, that is ok. 

The kids played outside while Zack and I were working.  Kayla unloaded the dishwasher and folded a load of clothes.  I was able to cook dinner and clean up the kitchen because our walls are all uneven and therefore where Zack measured at he had to re-cut 4 more times! 

It has been rough.  My back, shoulders, arms and neck all hurt.  I am looking forward to going to bed very, very soon.  Or at least rubbing down with Icy Hot and laying on the heating pad.

Tomorrow we will be hitting the bathroom hard again.  We hope to get the ceiling finished {we will get it done, we only have a small section left}.  The new exhaust/light up, medicine cabinet in, everything patched and hopefully sanded.  That way this week I can prime it all and get it ready to paint.

Another long day ahead of us tomorrow!


Sherri said...

Well,you know I would help ya'll if we didn't live 5 hours away :)
And I cannot believe she actually said that about the money...I can see her possibly thinking it but actually dare saying it out loud? Wow!

Kay said...

Yep...agreed. That was not a nice thing to say about what y'all can or cannot afford to do. Maybe she didn't mean it like it came out. I like her and I wish she hadn't said that. Hope y'all get the project finished and please, please be careful in the chair. Most accidents happen at home you know.

Courtney K. said...

That sounds EXACTLY like our mom is that way with my younger sister and Josh's mom is that way with his brother. They always want to throw up the money thing like we are rolling in all kinds of cash. We just budget and save for things. They give theirs to the other kids...whatever. Glad you guys are making some serious progress and no one got hurt! CAn't wait to see then end result :)

Kristi said...

There's one in every family! Good for you for taking care of the mold issue and not just trying to cover it up. Hope things get back to normal soon.

Rona's Home Page said...

It's Sunday and I'm doing some blog visiting.
Please feel free to leave a comment at my giveaway post.
You have a terrific week!

Kelli said...

Why do families have to be so hard? Rondell and I have similar issues and we just say we'll just stick together but sometimes wish it didn't have to be that way. Grrr. I'm glad you guys are safe AND that you have each other.

Heatherlyn said...

Ah, family drama. My husband's family has plenty. The funny thing is that everyone just pretends like there isn't any when they get together a couple of times a year. I suppose that's nice. It's kind of wierd too.

Glad you have a great husband though. That's what REALLY matters!