Friday, March 19, 2010

Coupon Learning

On my list the other day I mentioned that I wanted to start using coupons, the real way.  The real way is when you hold on to them until the item goes on sale and then you buy it, matching coupons to sales, etc.  That is real coupon using, maximizing your savings.  This is what I am wanting to do.  Good thing one of my favorite bloggers, Misti’s, sister n law, Leigh Ann has started a blog, Confessions of a Save-Aholic , and motivated me beyond all belief.

Here is a list {just look at my sidebar, I have added all the buttons from the sites I’m using} of where I am going to match up savings to the stores I use and get tips and tricks on getting started, etc.  Some also list freebies from time to time from all over the net.  Some freebies are as simple as becoming a fan on Facebook to get the freebie!  I am getting all sorts just from the past few days from becoming a FB fan. {so that is why you see me fanning everybody and their brother!} :)

I sat down for over an hour reading over everything and making a list of printable coupons {because I didn’t buy a paper last Sunday} and their matches to the stores in my area, Publix, Walmart and Target.  I printed out coupons and made my lists, now I am ready to shop!  After looking over my list this week it looks like Publix is going to be my big money saver. 

I will by buying a paper this Sunday so that I can really start to see the savings.  I hope that I get to share this journey with y’all. 

Let me just say that if your just now starting out, head over to Leigh Ann’s blog and read this, this, and this.  Plus keep up with her so you can learn it all! {I plan on it!}


Beth in NC said...

You go girl! I need to be doing the same thing!!!

Kay said...

I've noticed so many of my FB friends are into the coupon thing. Some are even holding coupon classes. They are saving tons of money. I'm gonna try to follow you and your plan and see how it goes. We have access to Publix on 280 plus there are several in Hville plus Krogers is literally a few blocks from the office. I hope I can catch on!

Wendy said...

I am a couponer, and I love it! Finding deals can get addictive. Watch your papers and make sure you are getting all your inserts. I used to buy the St Pete Times because it was .50 compared to 1.25 for the Lakeland Ledger, but they stopped carrying the Smart Source insert. Now I have to buy two different papers each week to get them all. SO I really end up buying 10 so I get 5 sets.

Leigh Ann said...

I am so glad you are motivated! It's addicting, isn't it? :-)