Monday, March 29, 2010


beingaccountable copy

Every Monday I am going to be accountable.  I am going to be accountable for the past weeks actions regarding my eating habits and working out.

I mentioned on FB the other day that it’s time to make a plan and start a change.  Well that is what I am doing. 

You may or may not have noticed that I have added a little addition to my sidebar; One Step at a Time.  This is where I am going to try and keep a list of what I need to accomplish as far as working out and drinking water go.  I even have made a wallpaper of it!  So everytime I look at my computer I will be reminded of what I need to do.  I am hoping that this gets me in gear.

So as far as being accountable last week started on Thursday when I decided this all.

So here is a break down.  Thursday I ate under 1500 calories and managed to drink over 100oz of water.  I did Yoga for 45 minutes and decided that Yoga would be apart of my every morning routine. 

Friday I got up and had a cup of coffee with Splenda!  Yay, that is a big step.  I had about 80oz of water, diet coke with dinner.  And I did 11 minutes of Yoga and 30 mins of Pilates. 

My abs were so sore on Saturday and into Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday are my rest days from working out.  However that didn’t mean I was resting.  I mowed the grass in the back yard on Saturday and raked tons of leaves and pine straw from the back corner.  We are working on getting it all cleared out.  AND I cleaned out two flower beds and mulched in one of them.

Sunday I cleaned out the flower beds around the pool deck so that I can mulch it in when we get more mulch.  I also raked some more. 

I am thinking on the weekends that spending time in the yard will give me enough workouts!

Ohhh..Drank about 100oz or more of water on Saturday and Sunday.  Watched what I ate as far as portions go however Kelsie had an egg hunt at school Saturday morning and I ate about 10 pieces of her candy!  But it was good. : )  Ok, so as were watching Toy Story on Saturday night I also had a bowl, a little bit larger portion than Kelsie, about the same as Kayla’s of Reese ice cream.  I think I controlled my portion pretty well.  I made sure to eat slowly for all my meals so that I would get full and not be hungry later.  Read that somewhere.  It worked, I think. : )

A new week!


Kelli said...

Look at you go! I have decided not to drink Coke until vacation (in two months). I also need to do some serious walking this week. I'm so excited for you and pray you can keep up the great work. You have my support.

Heatherlyn said...

Eating slowly really does help. Portion-control is really helpful too because then you are not completely denying yourself something you want, but 1/2 as much is much healthier often than the full amount. You're doing great!

Amanda said...

I like it! Sometimes that yard work is more exercise than any tredmill or dvd could EVER give! Whew. Sounds like a good step in the right direction girl!!! You are starting to motivate me again...and I need it. Don't forget to send me emails if you need some motivation either :)