Sunday, February 21, 2010


As I hear a song on the radio or flip through the channels on the television or even eat a certain food, I am taken back to a childhood {or not a childhood} memory.  It’s funny sometimes how things trigger our memories.

A few recent ones….


Donut Sticks.  These bring me back to sitting at the table with my mother and Mammie {my mothers mother} eating donut sticks and talking about my mothers child hood memories.  I will never forget the way that I was sitting in the chair and the neon orange friendship bracelet that was on my wrist.


Are You Being Served?  I honestly can not even watch this show.  I used to sit in the living room with mother and daddy and watch whatever they were watching as I was growing up…they LOVED PBS and this show.  I despised it.  To this day I can’t watch it because it makes me miss mother so much.

image image

Pet Cemetery Two and Doritos {Ranch}  My niece Amanda and I watched this movie while eating this flavor Doritos when we were younger.  We were watching when the scene of the rabbits hanging {after they had been hunting} and we had to stop eating because we swore that the Doritos started tasting like chicken!  It was one of those moments where when I now eat these chips or watch this movie I am brought back.


Ghostbusters II  There’s something strange in the neighborhood…who ya gonna call?  Ghostbusters!  I was OBSESSED with this movie.  I remember watching it repeatedly after renting it from Hollywood Video.  I had a total thing for Bill Murray!


So I Married An Axe Murder  Not only did Amanda and I watch Pet Cemetery 2, far too many times…we also watched this movie far more times than I can count.  We still can laugh about “Heed”!  I was just talking to Zack about this movie last night.

image image

These were the first two cds I ever received.  I got them one year for either Christmas or my birthday, along with my first cd player.  I wore these cds out!


I will never forget seeing this movie in the theaters a few times.  Once with my best friend, Sherri.  We actually stood up for the credits and sang the infamous, My Heart Will Go On.


Banana Boat Sunscreen….the smell of this sunscreen brings back all the beach memories that I have with my parents and family when I was growing up.  This is the only sunscreen that we have ever purchased.  And I only purchase this kind today for my little family as well.

It’s funny how things bring back memories, I could go on and on, but these are some that are near and dear to my heart that I thought that I would share. 

What are some things that bring back memories?


Sherri said...

When I saw that you had So I Married an Axe Murderer on here,I can not believe you forgot about watching it with me too! Remember,I was spending the night and we were in the bed and I was talking about how it all began with Wade,ha ha!!
Also,Titanic...I remember seeing it with you but I had forgotten all about singing along at the know,I still do stuff like that:)
Let me think,I'm sure I can come up with some more memories.Remember Mrs.Doubtfire and getting the hose?or I gotta dollar?

Amanda said...

Ahaha I loved the throwbacks! And seriously...I think of Pet Cemetary to this day...every single time I eat Cool Ranch Doritos!

Kelli said...

Donut sticks...CLASSIC and I loved 90210...never missed and episode.

Mary Lynne said...

I can not hear Salt n Peppa w/out thinking of you :D namely "Shoop" and "What a Man" you once wrote me a note with ALL of the lyrics to Shoop in it :D