Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It’s the Parents Today, Not the…

As I was checking my email yesterday I couldn’t help but notice a news topic that snagged my attention. “Pediatricians Want Redesign of Hot Dogs, Candy to Curb Kids’ Choking”  As I was reading over this I couldn’t help but laugh.

Not laugh at all the children that have died from choking on these items, but laugh at the fact that it’s come to the Pediatricians actually wanting a redesign.

First off, this is not a manufacturing company or engineers job, this is the job of a parent.  We as parents have certain responsibilities.  These responsibilities are to keep our children safe.  However there are certain circumstances when situations can’t be avoided.  But with the age range of 1 to 5 being the highest in choking hazard, it’s simply a parents duty to step in and take measures. {I do understand that still, things happen, but with such high choking rates it’s not always the instance of things happening, parent’s aren’t taking the correct precautions}

I have always known that my children could choke on certain foods such as hot dogs, nuts and hard candy.  So, what do I do as a parent to reduce the chances?  I always cut up the kids hot dogs when they were too young, I didn’t give them nuts at such a young age and as far as hard candy went I busted it up into tiny pieces.  Why is it that I am the only parent that seems to do this?  Why is it that I seem to be the only parent around that knows how to take precautions when it comes to my kids safety?  {not saying that y’all aren’t, this is just my fussing!}

Anyways, we {meaning any of us} can choke on any food.  Chips, crackers, gum balls, chicken, fish, bread, the list goes on.  What’s next, are they going to want to create some new fish without bones? 

This whole thing gets me to thinking about it being the video game companies problem when creating adult games.  HA!  This has been a huge topic of discussion in our home because Zack used to be {and still kinda is} a gamer.  He buys those games that are rated for adults.  Thing is, he does NOT play them around the kids.  It would be just stupid for him too.

Movies, video games, tv shows etc have ratings on them to make sure that your kids don’t see and hear certain things, yet there are still a lot of parents complaining.  Just stop letting your kids play those video games and watching those shows and movies.  You can tell your children “no”.  That is your duty as a parent.  Sure your 10 yr old may not think it’s fair that they can’t play the latest video game that all their friends are playing, but so what.  Your being the parent.  The world won’t end.  And guess what…Your child will probably be better behaved than his or her peers.  I have noticed a huge difference in Kayla’s behavior compared to some of those of her friends.  She isn’t allowed to watch, listen to and play certain things that others in her class are allowed.  I have always thought that Kayla behaved badly, however after being around some of her friends, I wonder if it’s not the stuff they are allowed to watch and do that doesn’t make them act like complete brats!


Heatherlyn said...

You are so right!

My children are overwhelmingly better behaved that many of their peers. They don't feel that they are missing out on anything, but they are having a CHILDhood that is child appropriate. I don't know why so many parents seem afraid of saying "that's just not for kids". Kids are NOT the same as adults.

And as for the food, I also cut up the hot dogs into tiny pieces, avoided nuts and avoided hard candy. Is that really so hard?

We live in a society where everyone wants to blame someone else. But taking responsibility for our own children is the best, easiest way to solve a LOT of problems.

Great post!

Amanda said...

Society is just pitiful these days. I mean...redesigning a hotdog? Please hush. Please teach your kids to chew food. And if pediatricians were SOOOO concerend - maybe they should just vote for taking a flippin nasty (worst thing in the world) for you hot dog off the shelf FOR EVERYBODYS sake! haha! But seriously...

Makes me mad too girl.

Common sense will go a very, very long way. Unfortunatly, so many people don't have it.

Kelli said...

Well said!!!

Nichole said...

I'm a TA at a school for 4th & 5th graders. I am constantly amazed by the movies, TV shows, games, music these kids are allowed to watch/play/listen to. And some of the things that come out of those kids mouths...makes me sad!

Wendy said...

I completely agree!! It seems like a lot of parents want everyone else in their kids lives to parent for them!

I grew up in a house full of guns (my dad was a trooper and both parents hunted), wine (they made it!) and I spent the day running our 50 acres outside of Ocala, and I survived!