Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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From us to you!  There were too many of y’all out there so Kelsie couldn’t manage to write a Valentine for everybody.  Thanks for understanding.


MadeInCanarias said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Bramble Patch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I have not heard from her but I do know where she is.I am her best friend and I have held my tongue LONG ENOUGH!!!!!!
I have seen where some of you are having trouble with their blog,and have been very nice in asking Joanna what's going on with it. But there are a few of you who have been downright catty with the comments here and on each other's blog about this situation.
Bramble Patch,I have notified you as well as others as to where Joanna is (Disney World with the family for the Social Media Moms Celebration Conference)and still I see you are still acting as if she is ignoring you all.I have told the ones that I have emailed that the conference was taking all her time down there and the family had to do the majority of things on their own.Now,knowing that,do you REALLY think she has had the time to check her email to see you all have written her about this???
Contrary to what a few of you may believe (and I'm speaking of this because I know she's had some difficulty out of some of you when it comes to designing your blog)just because she designed your blog does not mean Joanna has to sit around at home twidling her thumbs,waiting for your beck and call!!! As I told one blogger,my review blog is messed up too,but it doesn't bother me.I know Joanna will get it fixed as soon as she can and look,blogging may be fun but this certainly is not a life or death situation.My God,here we are with all the problems in the world and a few of you are acting like it's the end of the world if you're blog is "ugly" for a few days!! What kind of bubble do you live in?
Also,if you lost a follower,one of two things:
(a)if they left just because of the Photobucket problem,they weren't much of a "follower" in the first place.
(b) the one I'm banking on,is that they simply just didn't want to follow along anymore.It's happened to me before and I don't take it personally.You shouldn't either.
One last thing,none of this is in regards to those that have been nice,considerate and patient about this...I appreciate you behaving this way and I know Joanna will too.This is just to the few of you who have been running their mouth on other blogs.To those people,if you are having such a hard time with this,and just feel so lost without your blogs being beautiful and feel that Joanna is shirking her responsibilities,I suggest you seek a different designer the next time you want a new look! If anyone has anything to say to me,my address is

The Bramble Patch said...

Sherri - I don't have any notification from you or anyone else. I just checked my email this minute and I don't have anything from you. My email is different than my blog name so perhaps that is the problem.

The Bramble Patch said...

Also, if Joanna had difficulty with me, which you imply, in designing my blog she never said that to me and we had very nice communication. (I still have the emails). She also said that she would be more than happy to address any problems I had/have with my blog at anytime. And, since you named and addressed me, I should also respond to your comment about running my mouth on other blogs. Didn't happen, simply isn't out there.

Sherri said...

Bramble Patch,I see you deleted your comment..good idea! As far implying that you were difficult to work with,I never mentioned your name as one of those that were difficult (because you weren't,I only said your name in regards to notifying you,which I did!Also,I never said that YOU were running your mouth,I said a few of you were and I never mentioned any names.Quit flattering yourself thinking that everything is about you!! As far as saying she is willing to help you with any problem,sure she is willing to do that but that doesn't mean that she has to be at the ready for every beck and call.she does have a life you know!

The Bramble Patch said...

Joanna -

One final note to you. I am devastated that your best friend wrote that I was difficult to work with. Being fragile in health and emotion this was really the final blow in blogdom. As I do live in a sort of "bubble" the online world is an outlet for me. I apologize that I expected my pictures to remain on my blog. You had mentioned to me before that you would continue to be happy to support the blog template, but I guess I misunderstood your intentions.

I am going to give up blogging so don't worry about fixing my account. Please do withdraw my testimonial and my blog from your portfolio. I am sorry if I have upset you. My apologies.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Happy Valentines to you Joanna and your family. Do me a favor and don't get stressed when you get home. These things always work themselves out.

Much love,

The Bramble Patch said...

Flattering myself thinking everything is about me? Oh wow. :(

Anonymous said...

Once again,Bramble Patch,I did not say that you were difficult for Joanna to work with or that you were the one running your mouth.The only time I even addressed you by name was when I said I had notified you of Joanna's whereabouts.If this "devastates" you so much that you feel the need to quit blogging,I can assure you that you need to talk to a doctor and get some help.There is good medicine available to help with your feelings like this and it really does help.There's no reason for you to feel so upset over something that was not even said about you.Good Luck to you.