Friday, February 12, 2010

Creativity, Turning off the tv

I admit it, my kids watch too much tv.  It’s just too easy to turn it on while I’m cooking dinner, on the phone or blogging.  It really is sort of like a baby sitter at times.  Now, before you run off thinking I’m a bad mother…They have plenty of time to play and use their imaginations.  There is a lot of Barbie, Little Pet Shop, Little People, Clothes designing {Kayla}, art {we do tons of coloring and painting}, play doh molding, playing kitchen and restaurant, dolls, playing outside, riding bikes and blocks.  See, I’m not so bad after all. *smiles*

Kayla got K’nex for Christmas and she has fallen in love with building all the different plans in the booklet that came in the container.  Recently she built something by herself that was close to the front, rather easy.

However she really had her eyes set on the ferris wheel…Zack and Kayla did it in a couple of nights.  It was their little project they worked on about 15 mins before bed for two nights.

february 2010 002

She was so proud to get it built!  Now I wonder what’s next….


The Bramble Patch said...

Joanna -

Please contact me ASAP about my blog pictures. I left you a message yesterday and haven't heard from you.

Beth in NC said...

Yay. What a great job!!!

Courtney K. said...

How fun! I never could figure those things out!

Darlene said...

That turned out so CUTE!

Judy said...

I've left you a couple of messages about the problems on my blog but still have not heard from you. A friend was able to go in and give me a background as that had been "hijacked" as well as all my buttons hosted by your photoshop.

I need to hear from you ASAP!


Heatherlyn said...

My kids like building things too. But I hate how all the tiny parts end up all over my house!