Saturday, January 2, 2010

Working on Figuring Myself Out ~ Emotional Eating

The other day I posted how I am an emotional eater.  I am now on a mission to conquer this skeleton that is in my closet. 
First things first, research.  I started looking around this morning online and noticed that Emotional Eating is mentioned at Mayo Clinic and on WebMD.  {both big medical sites}  Please, please tell me if this is a medical problem why some dr’s haven’t created a pill for this.  You can take pills for depression.  You can take pills for Tourette syndrome and other neurological disorders.  I can take a pill to control my OCD etc.  So why isn’t there a pill for emotional eaters.  Do they not know enough about us yet?  Yea, maybe that’s it.  But are they doing any research? 
I was doing some searching online this morning after watching 650lb Virgin on TLC last night.  He has me motivated to figure myself out and to lose weight.  If you Google Emotional Eating there are tons of self help options, but they all follow the similar pattern of keeping a food journal so you can figure out what emotion is triggering you to eat and to pick up a hobby or do something to keep you from eating.  Some suggestions were to phone a friend, watch a movie/tv, read a book, surf the internet or go for a walk.  OK.  First off, I eat and do all of these things except walking.  However in Target we at a bag of popcorn while walking around the store so apparently I can walk and eat too. 
I have not went as far to keep a food diary because I know when I eat. All the time and there isn’t really an emotion that sets my eating into motion. 
A normal look at any given day. {I am pretty predictable}
I wake up and get a cup of coffee.  I take Kelsie to school when I return I drink another cup of coffee.  I pick up Kelsie at 11, come home fix her something to eat and myself lunch.  Zack comes home for lunch around 12:30 and I find myself in the kitchen munching on something because I feel awkward that he is eating and I’m not.  He leaves and I go and pick up Kayla at 2.  I come home and as the kids snack I do too.  Between 2 and 4:30 I may sit and munch through out while I am online and or on the phone.  At 4:30 I start dinner and while I am cooking I munch on whatever it is I am cooking.  {if I grate cheese, I eat some, if I am dicing up tomatoes I eat some, etc.} As dinner is finishing up I am sampling at least 5 times.  This may be all while I am also on the phone. {my bff and I talk daily}  Zack comes home and we eat dinner.  Even though I am stuffed to discomfort half way through my meal I eat it all because I do not want to waste any of it.  Then as Zack goes out to smoke I am in the kitchen getting a spoon full of peanut butter or a handful of chips to munch on until Kelsie goes to bed.  After Kelsie goes to bed {Zack lays down with her every night} I sneak into the kitchen and grab something else to eat.  Yes, I actually sneak because I know that I shouldn’t be in there at all.  If I go to bed earlier than Zack and wake up a couple of hours later and he is still up I head to the kitchen to munch on something as well.  {this doesn’t happen daily but about once a week}
So as you can read I am eating A LOT.  Is it out of boredom?  Well I am on the phone, online or cooking so it shouldn’t be boring.  So what else could it be?  I have got to figure it out because if I don’t I am sure to be on TLC one day being the 600 pound stay at home mom. 
I guess y’all are on this ride with me while I am figuring myself out.
On a decorative note – I have all my inside Christmas decorations put away and all my Christmas gifts hung up.  We rearranged some furniture too.  I can’t wait to show y’all this coming week!


Kelli said...

I eat when I'm bored, excited, sad, happy, etc. I think it is more habit like biting fingernails. It is just what I do. So I need to try and not do it and when it gets hard (because man I love food) that is when I'll need to pray and asked for strength from God. I know He can help. And leave good snacks around so when I fail (which I know I will), at least I'll be failing in a healthy way. I'll pray for you!

Beth in NC said...

I understand. I eat just to eat sometimes. Even if I'm full.

I pray you get freedom from this habit. I know it is frustrating!


Kristi said...

I am right there with you. One thing I am going to work on this year is to only eat when I am sitting at the table. No snacking in front of the TV, no mindlessly eating at work. We'll see.

Also, someone very wise once told me that all food goes to waste; it just doesn't need to go through me first. Something to think about.

Heatherlyn said...

I don't know. It sounds like you eat at normal times, but maybe that's because I'm a real snacker. Just take only one or two bites of whatever it is. It takes me like 2 hours to finish anything I'm drinking. Maybe that's not the best advise, but if you find yourself wanting to eat for emotional reasons it might be easier to just not eat very much when you do eat than to just not eat. Or maybe gum?

Miller Racing Family said...

I agree with you about there being a pill for everything. I also think it is harder to control an eating problem when you love to cook. Last year we made the resolution of no snacking. I can't tell you how that has helped with eating when we aren't even hungry.
Have a great weekend.

Amanda said...

Like we just said...we all have our vices. I think its great that you are trying to be honest with yourself. when you really open up you can find out alot about what is triggering this behavior. Your eating may be to my emotional hoarding, etc. There is a root, no more denial. Maybe 2010 we can figure it out :) I think alot of focus and dedication will help you be successful!!! Just like any habit - we can learn to curb! Let me know when you find the answers as I am curious!