Monday, January 25, 2010

Clean Sheets…Ain’t Nothing Better

Hi, I’m Joanna and I have OCD.  One of my many OCD’s happen to be about my sheets.  I am CRAZY ~ Or at least that is what Zack would say~ HA!  The sheets on my bed have got to be perfect.  By perfect I mean straight, tight, tucked and free of wrinkles.  {I told you I was crazy} *smiles*

january 2010 010

I am not sure when this came about but I can recall so many nights that I have woken up at the wee hours and made Zack get out of the bed so that I could remake the bed.  Lucky for me the hubby doesn’t mind too much.  I think he’s gotten used to it. 

I try so hard to make up the bed in the mornings, but some days I just don’t get it.  If this happens…I make up the bed and then unmake it before I get in at night. 

The only part of house cleaning that I look forward to is putting clean sheets on the bed.  They aren’t any more perfect than the first night you sleep on them.  So crisp!

Are you a hand washer or do you obsess over fluffing pillows…What kind of OCD’s do you have?


Kelli said...

I wish I was OCD at times. Then maybe my house would stay clean. I never make my bed. I love your sheets!

Michelle Hoad said...

I am the same way. Except they are never good enough except for the day they come out of the dryer. Once they have been slept on, you can never get them pulled tight enough to get out all the wrinkles. I should buy more sets and just change them every day, just to appease my inner weirdo.

Heatherlyn said...

Wow, I'd love to have you come make our beds.

Sadly, I am not really OCD about anything. If I spend enough time on any one thing I can become nitpicky, but no OCD here. Sometimes, I think OCD can help with the house cleaning. :)

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

See I read this post and think what you do is perfectly normal!!!! I do have OCD when it comes to the sheets and my housecleaning. I think that is a good area to have OCD in though.


Susie from Bienvenue said... are too funny! I thought I had it bad ;)

Darlene said...

That is so funny about the sheets. I am not really OCD about anything. Yes, I do love a freshly made, clean sheeted, bed but I don't obsess about

Nichole said...

My biggest one is making sure that the cupboard doors and drawers are completely closed. I always thought that all people just naturally did this but I've met a lot of people who don't. Drives me nuts!

Farmers Wife said...

Love the sheets on your bed! Just visiting !

Courtney said...

I have OCD about the bed covers too. Hubby will just climb in bed lay however, but they have to be even and straight, or I can't sleep. I also have OCD about the floor being clean. I don't like walking around barefooted and getting dirt on my feet. Yuck. And I am the only one that can clean the house like it needs to be cleaned. LOL If hubby even tries, I end up walking behind him and redoing it because I don't like the way he cleans. Haha! We all have a little OCD about something and I think you are perfectly normal :)

Wendy said...

The only thing Im really obsessive about is getting out of the car and opening the window. If I get out of my car, I will not shut the door unless the window is down.

I locked my son in there accidentally when he was a baby!