Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pink Christmas?!

We always go shopping the day after Christmas.  This is when I get the best deals on all my holiday decorating.  Plus I always buy wrapping paper.  I haven’t paid full price for the fancy paper in years!  When it’s going to be ripped up on Christmas Day I can’t see the purpose in paying so much for it.
Last year I had decided that the girls needed their own trees.  They sorta had their own {together} in the den with a small fiber optic table top, but those aren’t made for many ornaments at all.  So I made it my mission to find on on December 26th last year.
And I did!  A Disney Princess for Kelsie, it came with the ornaments for only about $8 to $10 and then one for Kayla, without the ornaments but none the less pre lit.  I think we paid about the same for it as well. 
The girls couldn’t wait to put their trees up since they were in my closet and easy to get too.  So when did we put them up?  Oh…November 1st! 
So here is Kelsie’s tree…..It sits a top her book shelf beside her bed.  And she put the ornaments on all be herself!
November 2009 012
I bought little pink tree skirts from Target just the other day for about $5 each.  Both girls got on.  The Sesame Street sleigh was purchased a few years back also the day after Christmas! {I don’t think we’ve paid full price for Christmas decorations in years}
And here is Kayla’s.  She also decorated it herself.  These are her ornaments that she has picked out over the years and a couple that were non breakable that I didn’t put on the tree this year.
November 2009 016
I will have much better photos when it’s time for the Christmas tours.  I was just taking photos of the girls trees the other day and they wanted to be on the blog! *smiles* 
It’s actually gotten to where every time I take a photo, Kayla wants it on the blog.  She actually wants to take over one day here and put her own post up complete with photos she’s taken.  Maybe I’ll let her do a post here soon!
Just wanted  to update y’all…I got all the lights on the tree working AND decorated it yesterday afternoon!  It’s so nice to sit back and look at our tree!


Rambling Girl said...

Oh my cute! Lexi will have to check these two trees out. She got hers up two but we only have two ornments on it right now...I will have more when we get all the Christmas stuff out next week.

That would be neat for Kayla to post on your blog. You know I have seen a few bloggers who have kids and they have their own blog set up but under their moms page and that would be a cute idea to start one for her that shares what she would like to blog about. I have thought about doing one for Lexi since she has gotten so use to asking me about my blog and she wants to look at all the others with little children..its so funny how she says it. Well just a thought.

Heatherlyn said...

My MIL does the most beautiful pink Christmas tree. I guess the tree is green but all the ornaments and everything on it are pink. Pink can be a perfectly lovely Christmas color! I think it's fun for kids to have their own trees too!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Adorable. My daughter has a white tree with pink ornaments that she puts up every year. I'm not a big pink person, but have to tell you, this tree of hers really brings me joy!


Amanda said...

I love the mini christmas trees! I KNOW they had fun decorating those. Awe, yes I think it would be great to let Kayla do a pust. Too sweet!

Lamp Tramp said...

Loving the pinkness for Christmas!

Wendy said...

Those are so cute!