Sunday, October 18, 2009

I’m the Best and So are You ~ A Couple of Awards!

{Note I never follow by the award rules}

My friend Kelli from Outside My Kitchen Window is the best!  She apparently thinks I am too and gave me this award to show for it!  Thanks Kelli!


Jamie at Fearfully and Wonderfully Made also gave me a couple of awards!  Thanks Jamie!

First up…

imageWith this award I am supposed to tell you 5 things I am obsessed with….Oh this could be fun or not so much! hehe.image

  1. Gator football!  I scream and yell at the players and refs on both sides of the field.  It’s just a ton of fun to watch and can I just mention Tebow!! Of course I had to throw in a photo! *smiles*  
  2. Coffee…there is not one morning that can go by without drinking at least one cup.  Most of the time it doesn’t end with one..and I also end up making another pot in the afternoons.
  3. Scotties…I don’t own one yet, but I will.  Ever since the Lady and the Tramp movie I have been obsessed and wanted a Scottie.  They are fairly expensive and hard to find a breeder…We have looked and will have to travel out of state!  But I will own one, one of these days.
  4. Twilight Sage…It’s a major deal in this house.  So much in fact that we will be taking Kelsie to see New Moon.  She is in love with Jacob..Everyday in the car she says he is in his wolf form and running along side the car.  Kayla has read the books at least twice…Nope I won’t let her read the last one…I am still being responsible here…She is only 10 and does not need to know what takes place!
  5. Chocolate…I can’t get enough.  From eating it in any form from dark to white to drinking the syrup straight out of the bottle at times.

My second award from Jamie is…

imageWith this award I am supposed to name 7 things you may not know about me…This is going to be hard!  Since I have done so many similar things.  But I am gonna give it my best shot.

  1. I love manatees.  I think they are so cute!
  2. I was born in June…So was my niece and nephew and Kayla, plus Zack!
  3. We have a ferret, her name is Nestle.  She is a huge part of this family.
  4. Even though I live in Florida {only a few miles from the beach} I don’t like it one bit.
  5. I have lived in North Carolina for a very short period of time in my life.
  6. I got a puppy when I was 7, I named her Betsy {after the Betsy Wetsy Dall}.  She passed away when I was 24. 
  7. I wear a toe ring all the time…winter and summer.  I feel naked without it.

Of course I am supposed to pass these along, but if you haven’t received one of these awards and would like to, snag it and add it to your blog!  Thank y’all ladies again!!


Sherri said...
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Sherri said...

You know what? I think you have the blog set to Pacific time

Lindsay-ann said...

Congratulations on your awards. I enjoyed reading your facts. They have given me some ideas for your 'thank you' package.