Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11 ~ Where Were You When Our World Changed?

Where were you when our world changed?  I can remember getting up and going to work at the mall.  I was working at the Coffee Beanery at the time.  I opened in the center of our mall and had not even heard the news until I got to work.  A friend of mine was working across at Lid’s (the hat store).  She was crying and all devastated, she had seen it on the news before coming in. 
We sat and talked about things and what we were worried would happen next.  We could not fathom why we were there, why the mall was even open, when the world was at war. (at least this is what we felt like was happening)
There were several stores whose corporate offices were in the Towers that didn’t open that day or the days following.  Then there were a few stores who just didn’t open that day because the employees were to distraught to work.
You know something though…We were mad.  Mad at the fact that people continued to come to the mall, not to work but to shop and carry on about their day as if nothing happened.  I remember us sitting and being so mad that we had customers.  We had decided that none of these people must care about what was going on because shopping was far more important to them.  We also talked about how if we weren’t at work that we would have definitely not been out shopping.
I look back on that day and if I close my eyes I can see us sitting and talking.  I can remember the atmosphere around us.  I normally don’t remember so many details, especially regarding conversations.  But this is a day that I will never forget.  That we will never forget.  America will never forget.
I always wondered how my grandparents used to talk about the day that WWII started, what they were doing, saying, etc.  I never could have possibly imagined that you could remember such detail about a day in your life.  I am not even sure that I remember the details about my kids births with such a vivid memory.
We will always carry this scar.  We will always remember what we were doing.  This is a day that is now in our history books, a day that we will one day tell our grandchildren about…a day that we all will never forget.


Kelli said...

I also remember details about that day and where I was and how I first heard about it. Definitely a scar we will carry with us.

Apron of the Month Club said...

I too was at work when I heard the news and my kids were in elementary. The picture you posted is so appropriate for those of us who will always know that 9/11 is a day we will never forget. We all were affected.

May God bless us all.
Yoli Kalkofen

Heatherlyn said...

That's a really good picture. I haven't seen a picture like that before.

It was my MILs birthday on 9/11 8 years ago. She didn't celebrate her birthday that year at all. And she has never celebrated it on the date of her birthday ever since.

The imPerfect Houswife said...

You're right, I do remember very clearly that day. I babysat in my home and two of my kids were home sick and I just wanted to go pick the other one up from school to have him close to me but knew I had to keep my wits about me. I just remember being very afraid about the uncertainty of it all. Yep, we'll all never forget ~

Wendy said...

I was 18 years old. I was at home, waiting for my son to be born. Mike woke me up, he must have heard part of it before he was completely awake... he woke me up and said there was a bombing or something. We sat and watched pretty much all day until he went to work that night.