Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Swap and Mention of a Christmas Swap

I have only joined up to one other swap and it was last Christmas.  We swapped Christmas ornaments.  It was a lot of fun!  I was lucky enough to be paired up with a lady in Canada and received a lot of really cute ornaments as well as an ornament with their flag. 
Something that I will be putting on my tree for years to come and remembering where I got it.
I love swaps, who doesn’t?!  I just don’t find them too often until sign up is either over with or when people have received their swap package.
Well this time I was lucky enough to find a swap during sign up…A Fall Swap…Super excited, I couldn’t comment fast enough! *smiles*
So I was paired up with Harley and this is what I sent her….
August 2009 001
I have been wanting to make some BOO letters and what better than to make them and send them off to a new home!  {I will be making some for myself soon} 
And this is what Harley sent me!
september 2009 007
Terrible picture, I know…I will get a better one promise!  Because I have already got the items set up around…Can’t wait to show you!  Oh and that glittered green pumpkin is my favorite! {green is my favorite color}
My girls couldn’t get into the box soon enough.  You would have thought that it was for them! HA.  Although Kayla did ask if she could wear the cute Halloween socks to school on crazy sock day.  I obliged. 
september 2009 006
So thanks Harley for an awesome swap!!
Ok…So I know that we love swaps…I have seen lot’s and lot’s of you join up for them…Well I am wanting  to host a Christmas ornament swap this year.  Would anybody be interested in signing up to do an ornament swap?  If so let me know so that I can start planning!


Jo said...

I would be interested in a Christmas swap........Jo

schwadette said...

I'd be interested too! :) Sounds like fun!

Morgan said...

I would be interested :)

Amanda said...

Me too me too!!

Kelli said...

I would be interested in an ornament swap. I love ornaments. I love what you sent to your partner! I want to make letters too.

Let it Shine said...

SOOO cute!!!

The Graves' House said...

An ornament swap sounds great!!!

Red Writing said...

I would be interested in a swap!

I am SO glad I found your blog! I too, am workiong on a low budget playroom transformation..
and also share an uncharacteristic (for me) fondness of John Mayer.

Looking forward to visting here often!

Rambling Girl said...

Sure would enjoy it Joanna...a swap!

Love your goodies in your swap. I love swaps also...I will be sure to share with you in the future about any swaps I catch...some people just swap with each other also...I know Elise and Jenn have been doing a seasonal swap between themselves the last few months. Maybe you would like to do that sometimes with me. Your such a creative person.

Oh and congrats on the blog sponsors...I wish you lots of really are so talented with your blog designs...when I get some extra money I am going to get you to do one for me.

Jessica said...

I did an ornament swap last year and LOVED it! So count me in if you decide to do it!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! And those letters are too cute! I've never done a swap of any let me know how it works and I'll join in too!