Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Consignment Store Shopping!

If you know me well, then you know that I used to be all about “buy new” and buy “brand names”.  Although the brand names haven’t changed (hey, they do last longer, most of the time, although I do love me some Target clothing) I buy used now.
You won’t catch me in a thrift store because I can’t stand the smell.  So yours may not stink, but I’ll tell you the ones around here, make me sneeze and practically itch.  So I have to stay out of those. That is ok, because I have a new love…Consignment Stores!
A few months ago while shopping at the grocery store I saw a new kids consignment store coming in.  This Little Piggy is the name of it.  Isn’t that just so cute!?  Well, I decided that when it opened the next time we went to the grocery store I would pop in.  It wouldn’t kill me! 
Well, I now not only pop in every couple of weeks, I also consign there too.  I have fallen in love.  I don’t think I’ll pay retail for Kelsie again unless I have too!  I have gotten some great deals there as well.  My most recent finds happen to belong to my favorite clothing store, Gymboree.  We don’t have one and even if we did I can’t purchase anything in that store unless it’s really marked down.  (they do have excellent sales!)  It’s just way over priced.  (although it’s probably worth it quality wise IF you have the money)
I went in last Thursday and picked up Kelsie a shirt and skirt both Gymboree and a cute pair of Old Navy capris.
Yesterday I had to take back a shirt I purchased for Kayla on Thursday (they don’t really have her size).  So I exchanged it and paid $11 for 2 Gymboree outfits! 
And the best part, 2 outfits are from the same set…so when she out grows it I can Ebay it and get more than what I paid for it!  That brings a big smile to my face! *smiles*
So here is what she got…Aren’t they cute?!  I bought it a size large than she is now, so she can wear it all next year.  Well not the capris, those have to be worn now..I just loved that color!
september 2009 001
So total spent was less than $20.00!!! That’s fantastic!  Plus the best part, each shirt can be worn with something else and so can the bottoms! 


Sherri S said...

I LOVE consignment. When my kids were small I did the same. I bought some there and consigned all their clothes. I'm a clearance rack junkie, always have been. The BEST thing I bought at consignment for kids over the years were winter coats and jackets. They grow too fast and my darlin daughter lost one at school one year (a new one, not consigned). After that I never bought another winter coat NEW.

Sherri said...

You know my love of thrift stores and have seen what all clothes I've gotten there that are brand name and still look brand new.
I can't do consignment up here...our stores are too much so that you're almost paying retail for a used item;you know I won't do that.
I am proud of you though that you will shop somewhere like that now:)

Kelli said...

Great deals! Dumb question, what's the difference between consignment and thrift store?

Sandy Toes said...

Very cute! I am so glad I am not the only one who cannot stand the smell of thrift shops...sometimes I just can't bare it!

sandy toe

Darlene said...

I LOVE consignment stores and frequently stalk them! Those are ADORABLE outfits. Great buys!!!

Heatherlyn said...

IF you can spend $20 for a bunch of brand-new looking kids clothing from brands you like I say THAT IS WONDERFUL!!!

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Finally someone that feels the same way I do about thrift stores!!! I don't dislike them, but can't stay in one without my allergies flaring up! I walk out feeling all itchy too! My Mom on the other hand LOVES them.
We have found a consignment shop that we like too (and it doesn't smell!) Aren't they just the best!

Looks like you picked up some cute things at great prices!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hey your new look!

Wendy said...

I havent consigned, but with Morgie growing like a weed, I guess I need to!