Friday, July 17, 2009

Mission Organization…Antiquing in My Cabinets

So the other day while it was raining, to be honest I think the sky might have been falling! It was really coming down. Anywho.

I got busy in the kitchen going through the cabinets. You know how they get when you just shove things where you can’t see them when company is coming over. You totally forget what you have!

Anyways…This is what I found during my organizing.

July 2009 021

July 2009 022

July 2009 024

July 2009 026

So that is all that I found in here….

July 2009 013

July 2009 014

July 2009 020

Bad huh? Well that is ok…because I was able to find all that great stuff and do this….

July 2009 025

July 2009 029

July 2009 028

You see that cake plate? Well I have plans for it…I want to make it look like this one from Fancy Schmancy Designs.



Kelli said...

Great job. Doesn't it feel good to get that all cleaned out and organized. I love the cake holder.

Andi said...

Ahhhh, clean cabinets! When you find out what type of paint to use on that plate, please share! I have a white platter that I want to paint on. Super cute! When I do stuff for school like that, I use acrylic plate. But it is usually not stuff used around food, so I want to know what the correct glaze - that is washable- should be used for stuff like that. ;) good job on organizing! Maybe you have motivated me to get to work on my cabinets! LOL

the undomesticated wife said...

I need to go through my cabinets, too. I need to organize, and also get rid of stuff that we don't use.

Cute cake plate, can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Nancy said...

Joanna, Don't you feel so much better when you clean out like that...oh, I know I do!!! You have inspired me to get busy!!! Can't wait to see that cake stand all dotted up!!!! You'll have to show us how to do it! Nancy

Lilith Silvermane said...

Oh.. I wanna see! I can't wait to see how you do it! It would be fun on this trifle glass container I got!

Lamp Tramp said...

Doesn't make you feel like you really accomplished something when you clean out a cabinet or two? Beautiful job!

Nichole said...

Cleaning out cabinets is such a yucky job (I think it is anyway) but so rewarding when it's done! I just did the same thing this week :o)

I love that cake plate!

The imPerfect Houswife said...

Niiiiiice!! I swear if I had a dime for every plastic cup I have, I'd quit my job at the library and live on the interest! Somebody needs to clean the cabinets out around here. But first somebody needs to pry my (I mean HER) fingers off the keyboard and get away from the blogging world for 5 minutes! ha ha Have a good weekend ~

Amanda said...

Girl, you did great! I love the idea for the cake plate too. Bet its super-dooper easy to do too!