Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ever Wonder Why?

Ok…so I am feeling down  today.  I guess it’s because that it rained the majority of the day leaving us to sit and do absolutely nothing.  Zack and Kelsie played Mouse Trap, Kayla watched Paul Blart Mall Cop (hilarious movie) and I sat and searched the net for things to do around us. 

By the way I discovered that unless you are a tourist, Panama City has nothing to offer.  You only live here if A. You love the beach or B. Your retried.  Ok.  So I am not A.  Because I do not like the beach.  The sand and the crowds drive me crazy.  And well I am certainly not B.

What is there really to do in PC?  Well, there is Gulf World, but it’s so overly priced and don’t get me started on putt putt golf.  Then there is the zoo.  This zoo, I feel so horrible for these animals.  And I am not kidding you when I say that with what they charge per person that they could afford a better facility.  The living quarters for these animals.  We could drive to the Montgomery Zoo in AL and save money!  This is including the price to eat on the way!  Oh and we do have Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, but once you’ve been there you sorta believe it.

With nothing to do in this town it makes me wonder why.

Not why is there not something to do.  But why do things happen or not happen per sey.

A few years ago we had our house on the market so that we could move to Bama. Our house just wouldn’t sale!  We didn’t understand why.  The realtors all said how well it showed and that it was priced well.  So why couldn’t it just be easy and us move?

Why?  I have many questions about why. 

  • Why were we supposed to stay here?
  • Why did my mother have to pass away?
  • Why did my daddy abandoned his family?
  • Why isn’t life so easy?
  • Why do good things happen to bad people?
  • Why do people have children that don’t want them?
  • Why does the government continue to help those who could help themselves and leave the ones that really need the help out in the cold?

Why?  I of course will never know these answers.  There is a reason that everything happens and the big picture is bigger then you or I will ever understand, but it still kinda makes me wonder why!


Hit 40 said...

A lot of sad whys :-(

You need a margarita. I hear the movie Hangover? is very funny. Rainy days are great for a funny movie.

Sherri said...

On a funny note that will probably bring a smile to your face,remember that time we went to Ripley's and that woman was making eyes and mouth pouts at herself and checking her hair and makeup and she didn't realize she was looking into a two way mirror and we (along with a couple of other women)were staring back at her from the other side laughing and laughing and we laughed even harder when we watched her come around and realize she had been looking into a two way?!!!
I still have the pic of her making eyes at herself! Wasn't that hilarious??

Amanda said...

Aaaahhh, lots of whys that need answering. I know its a tough and rough time right now. You are handling things really well. You will understand all of this one day (not really easy to see right now) and those questions will be answered when the time is right! I still want yall to move to bama though :-)

Kelli said...

Understandable whys. Sometimes I think we're not supposed to know the answers and that can be frustrating. Gulf World is close to my heart because that's where I swam with a dolphin.