Monday, July 13, 2009

Emotional Roller Coaster

I’d like to thank each and every one of you that left me sweet comments.  I am also so thankful to know that in feeling the way I did and do that I am not alone.  Others are and have been in the same situation as me.
Things are almost rock bottom.  Our trip to Bama was not for a family get together although we did have a great time under the circumstances.  Our drive up was to go over to my daddy’s and go through my grandmothers belongings.
Myself, my brother, sister n law and nephew drove over Saturday morning to his house.  Nobody was home.  There was however a note attached to the back door.  This note was undoubtly left for the family to read.  It was from his attorney to my brothers attorney stating that all future correspondence be between the two attorneys from now on and that we should be receiving a letter shortly.  Well we left there and went into town to get Kelsie some milk.  While we were there, I saw daddies truck.  I wrote a quick note stating that we had been by and that we found the note but that if he wanted to divide things up civilly to give my brother a call.  I was just going to attach this to the wind shield wiper but we saw him and Hootie coming out and so I decided to just get out of the car and give it to him.  I walked right past him and dropped the note into his grocery bag that was in his grocery cart, turned around and walked away.  This, I tell you was SO hard. (like I said emotional roller coaster)
Today I receive that letter from him.  Well, I know that he did not write this letter, Hootie did.  Daddy was referred to in 3rd person a time or two and it was wrote in a way that daddy doesn’t write.  Even though his signature was on it.
Anyways.  It was 5 pages of family feuding.  I can not even begin to tell you how crazy this whole scenario actually is.  My nerves are absolutely shot.  I have so much house work to do, parenting to attend too, designs to create (sorry to the 3 of you that I have written emails to, I have not began designing yet) and life to live, but things have come to a halt while I try and figure out what is going on.
Now I have even been told to quit writing on my “public forum” (this blog) about them.  But since names aren’t being used and you don’t know any of us from Adam’s House Cat, I am not doing any harm to anybody.  Plus writing it all out makes me feel better.
I never imagined things to go this way.  I have known my daddy for as long as I live (duh) and this is not how he is or who he is.  He does not do things this way.   He is simply being a puppet with his strings pulled.  I know this because as a woman I know how manipulative and compulsory we can be. I am sure that ya’ll can agree in some manner.
I feel the worst for the girls.  Kelsie wondered why since we were in Bama why we weren’t at Granddaddy’s house.  I just ignored the question.  Kayla wanted to go Saturday but understood that we weren’t going for visiting purposes.  She may be 10 years old, but with this day and age she understands more then what I would have at that age.
I am continuing to pray.  I feel that God is starting to give me peace.  I do not feel as haywire as I was feeling.  (thank you for your prayers as well!)


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh my sweet friend. I know how it feels when a woman thats not your mother comes between you and your daddy. Im talking from experence here. My dads wife came from the Philipines {not sure on the spelling} and married my dad for all the wrong reasons. The whole family just loved her but me. I saw right through her from the start. She told me I need to limit my visit and calls to him because I had a husband...What! To make a long story short... the marriage is coming to an end. My dad finally saw her for what she really is. The papers are in the works as we speak{or type}. I pray that your dad sees through this mess and comes to his senses and feels your heart. Hang in there. I know how you are hurting...Im so sorry for you,your girls,and your dad. Susie~

Darlene said...

It definitely sounds like you are going through a rough time. I can only pray for you at this time and hope it all gets worked out in the end.

Lilith Silvermane said...


Sometimes people make poor decisions and abandon their previous life because they think it will help the pain of the loss of someone.

When all of the in-fighting and all of the family feuding is over, they will be left with nothing. Even if they got all of the worldy possessions they desire right now.. they will be alone. Without family, without the laughter of the girls around them for the holidays. They will see pictures of you and your family smiling and having a wonderful time... with family. But not their family.

I believe this "Hootie" woman is trying to remove your mother from your father's life. She is alienating "his" family so she can erase the woman who "stood in between" your father and her. She is a spiteful woman, and hopefully he will see her for what she is.

Perhaps not, some people are so terrified of being alone, they will not give in to the truth.

I ache for you and hope that you and your family learn so much from this. Perhaps this is the powers way of showing your girls what NOT to do.

Keep strong... don't let them destroy your family.

Much love

Lamp Tramp said...

Oh, Sweetie, this is so difficult for you and your family. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this nonsense....that's what I think your Daddy is creating... just hang in there!
No hurry for my blog, I'm too busy right now to answer your questions. We'll get it all worked out down the road. You just take care of yourself and your family. My prayers are with you!

The imPerfect Houswife said...

It's gonna be OK. You know you can't change anyone, you can just change how you react to them. You know when your daughter gives you a knotted necklace and asks you to untangle it? Then when you start to, she puts her hands in there and tries to help you? That's not helping! Give your necklace to God and step back. He doesn't need your help getting your problems untangled. You're not alone ~ we're all here to listen to you vent, to give (maybe unwanted) advice, and support you. It'll be OK - it's just sucky right now. :)

Heatherlyn said...

I know how difficult these stupid stupid manipulative family power struggles can be. The situation I've dealt with has been different but the feelings are mostly the same. It is a lot to work through. Sometimes it is easy to feel that by focusing on it and sorting it out we can change somehow what is happening. But, in my experience, focusing on it doesn't make it better. Focusing on all the other important things in our life is the only thing that will bring us peace. We just can make some other situations be peaceful but focus elsewhere and let time take care of the rest. It is highly unfortunate to involve attorneys. I'm sorry.

Misti of Studio M Designs said...

So sorry Joanna. It's such a shame that things are going better for you. You are always so cheerful and I can't beging to know how you are feeling. Just know that I am thinking of you and praying for a better outcome. My blog can wait! You know I haven't had time to blog lately anyway. Love you girl!