Friday, July 31, 2009

Commercial Break

I have gotten really good the past couple of weeks scheduling my posts out a couple of days in advance so that there is something new in the mornings for y’all to read because we have been sleeping until nearly lunch time.

Well, I slacked, I had nothing to post today.  My mind has not been on decorating for a while but since things had been pre scheduled I was able to keep with the normal.

Not today.  So I am giving you a commercial break so to speak.  Only I am not advertising for a product or service, I won’t ask you to call an 800 number or send money.  That’s the best commercial right?

I am breaking to take hold of some thoughts.  I am gonna be completely real with y’all.  This is what is going on in my head right now.

  • Worry – I am worried about Zack and his job.  He started this new job last November.  It’s a government contracted job and we were so excited.  He took a pay cut but the place he was at was slowly slipping with the economy.  They were already cutting pay there and we knew it was only a matter of time until it went under.  (it is still open today because it was purchased by somebody)  That is neither here nor there.  Everything had been going really well.  Zack is well liked, the customer that they are working with seems to really like the work that is being put out.  So everything was going great until last week.  In the original contract they had until December to finish. Then last week is was brought up to the end of October.  The catch is all these things they are working on, they aren’t going to bring in anybody else to help get things ready by then.  Ok, so you would think that they could do a lot of working of overtime.  Well, they aren’t allowed overtime unless it has been approved so far no words on it being approved.  They had a huge meeting and were basically told that if things don’t get done in time that nobody has a job!  Zack said that he will work without pay if he has to just to get things done.  (so you can see why I am worried)
  • School – I am thinking about going to school to get a degree in either graphic design and or web development.  I am amazed at what people are charging for blog designs and I really think that these ladies must hold a degree.  Plus if I go to school for this I can design web sites and can even get a job (if anywhere happens to be hiring) as a designer.   I have been looking at the Art Institute because this seems to be the number one school for this sorta thing.  They are really expensive.  There is another choice with them though.  They also offer a diploma in these two things as well.  This would be quicker and cheaper.  Plus I would only take the courses prevalent to the diploma.  So no wasting time taking classes such as Western Civilization.  I would be doing online courses so I could work at my own pace however slow or fast it may end up being. 
  • Moving –We tried selling our home a couple of years ago but we got no interest.  After only (yes this isn’t long) 3 months we pulled our house off the market.  Well, the cost of living in Florida or at least where we live is so high and we could benefit greatly from not living here at all.  This would probably be our choice if Zack loses his job.  Because there is no way that we could afford to live here and the available job market is just not nada around here.  Plus Zack found out from a lady at work that when she lived in Texas that Lead Illustrators start out at way more then Zack is making!  No we wouldn’t move to Texas, we would go to Alabama.  Which they pay more there too.  (yes I realize that the dream of building wouldn’t be happening, but you take what God gives you)
  • Money – This of course goes along with Zack’s job, school and moving.  I have to get approved for grants in order to even be able to go to school.  Things around here just keep going up in price.  I realize that we aren’t the only community that is raising prices but it seems that the people in charge here are only out to help themselves.  For example our school board is going to raise our taxes on our homes which PC  happen to be one of the highest taxed on homes.  You would shudder at what we pay!  The only thing is they aren’t doing anything to cut their budget.  A couple of things that they could take into account is…School supplies.  The school supplies everything for the kids!  They are only required to purchase just a bit and the rest is supplied by the school.  Look at the money that they could save by making the parents purchase the kids supplies.  This is the way it was when I grew up!  Oh and here kids can go to any school that they want too within the county without paying a dime.  In the county that I went to school in, in AL, if you went to a school outside of which you were zoned you had to pay.  Look at all that revenue they could be making!  And I am mad that the Sherriff's dept PA makes $190,000 a year!  This has been all the buzz on our local new stations forum.  So I am not the only one mad about it.

As y’all can see I have a lot on my mind.  When things are looking up for us it seems that something steps in the way and pulls us back down again.  With the rate things are going, we will never get ahead!


Courtney Kirkland said...

I can completely understand how you feel. The hubby and I are in the same situation. No matter what we do or how much we try to save and get caught up, every time we turn around there is something else pushing us down. I feel like we will never get ahead in this crappy economy. Praying for you and the husband :)

Heatherlyn said...

I don't know ... it seems that there are enough books out there on how to do things. Going to school might be counter productive because it takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money. My husband can do anything on the computer and he doesn't even have a CS degree or any sort of computer degree. He's just good at researching how to do things both online and in books.

Good luck with all your choices though. It sounds like there is a lot going on. A lot to worry about. But a lot that could go very well if you made different choices. It does sound like it would be a huge relief to get out of Fla and go somewhere the cost of living is more reasonable.

Cheri Peoples said...

Hey I just realized I have visited your blog design website. You did Rhoda's blog design (Southern Hospitality). Thanks for coming by. I am in the middle of doing some things for my drawing but I will come back and post to you about all your worries-been there done that. Hubby is in school right now and we are also in Florida and considering Texas because the housing market is so low there and the job market is good.


Nancy said...

Mornin' Joanna, We don't know what the future holds for any of us...these days...but we know WHO holds the future and with that in mind...I just don't worry!!!! I use to be a worrier! Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat...etc...BUT, Not anymore...I pray, not my will Lord, but yours, and I accept His will for my life, what ever comes or happens! My will and His will is not always the same... ;) Life is not always easy but what ever you do don't worry about it!!! Life is to short to worry! Cast all you cares upon HIM!!!! Nancy

Yansy said...

I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it. I hope you are feeling more relaxed and I'm sure everything is going to work for you. I wanted to invite you to participate in my giveaway, you have until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lilith Silvermane said...

I understand fully honey! I am glad you could get some of your thoughts out and see them "on paper".

Things will pick up, and you going to school is a wonderful idea! I think you will do great!